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Canadian Manufacturing


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Aerospace Transportation Financing Manufacturing Operations Regulation Supply Chain

Boeing to pay $17 million to settle plane production issues

News May 27, 2021  
Automotive Cleantech Electronics Energy Infrastructure Transportation Environment Manufacturing Operations Regulation Sustainability Technology / IIoT

Delta-Q Technologies launches battery compatibility program

News May 24, 2021   News
Aerospace Electronics Transportation Manufacturing Operations Sales & Marketing Technology / IIoT

CMC Electronics announces a CAN TSO certification for their multi-function display

News May 21, 2021  
Infrastructure Public Sector Manufacturing Operations Regulation Research & Development

Researchers suggest Ottawa eliminate health transfers, give provinces room to tax

News May 20, 2021  
Infrastructure Public Sector Manufacturing Regulation Research & Development Risk & Compliance

Why we need to seriously reconsider COVID-19 vaccination passports

Feature May 20, 2021  
Automotive Transportation Manufacturing Operations Regulation Technology / IIoT

Smartwatches are a bigger distraction to drivers than mobile phones

Feature May 20, 2021  
Automotive Transportation Manufacturing Regulation

US opens probe into steering problems in Honda Accord sedans

News May 10, 2021  
Manufacturing Procurement Regulation

NACI advice on ‘preferred vaccines’ for COVID 19 sparks confusion, anger

News May 4, 2021  
Public Sector Human Resources Manufacturing Operations Regulation Risk & Compliance Small Business

Ontario paid sick leave plan ‘inadequate, unfair,’ according to many businesses

News April 30, 2021  
Public Sector Financing Manufacturing Regulation Supply Chain

Cabinet’s ability to award Buy American exemptions ‘strenuously limited,’ according to Biden

News April 29, 2021  
Automotive Transportation Financing Manufacturing Technology / IIoT

Quarterhill completes acquisition of VDS GmbH

News April 28, 2021  
Automotive Cleantech Energy Transportation Environment Manufacturing Supply Chain Sustainability Technology / IIoT

Ford plans to develop and produce electric vehicle batteries

News April 27, 2021   Cleantech Canada
Manufacturing Procurement Regulation Supply Chain

Additional restrictions coming to provinces experiencing COVID-19 spikes

News April 26, 2021  
Manufacturing Operations Procurement Regulation

FDA inspection found problems at Baltimore factory making J&J vaccine

News April 21, 2021  
Automotive Transportation Environment Financing Manufacturing Regulation Sustainability

Electric truck startup faces lawsuit from investors alleging fraud

News March 19, 2021   Cleantech Canada
Food & Beverage Infrastructure Public Sector Manufacturing Procurement Research & Development Sales & Marketing

Tour-Mate Systems Canada launches a new sanitation station

News March 9, 2021  
Infrastructure Public Sector Manufacturing Operations

Manufacturers and their social contract in avoiding workplace outbreaks

Feature February 17, 2021  
Automotive Environment

French capital plans to ban older diesel vehicles by 2020

News February 10, 2015   Cleantech Canada
Energy Environment

U.S. standards on coal ash expected to avoid ‘hazardous’ label

News December 19, 2014   Cleantech Canada
Human Resources

New rules aim to put more women at helm of Canadian firms

News December 19, 2014   Canadian Manufacturing
Mining & Resources Environment

Ottawa to punish firms that break social responsibility rules abroad

News November 17, 2014   Canadian Manufacturing
Food & Beverage Exporting & Importing

WTO says COOL rules discriminate against Canadian exports

News October 20, 2014   Canadian Manufacturing
Energy Environment

Canada yet to achieve dubious ‘energy super power’ status

News October 14, 2014   Canadian Manufacturing
Energy Environment

Opposition to wind power begins to mount in some U.S. states

News October 2, 2014   Cleantech Canada
Oil & Gas Environment

NAFTA environmental body wants to probe oilsands tailings leaks

News August 7, 2014   Cleantech Canada
Food & Beverage Exporting & Importing

Russia bans food imports from Canada, other nations for 1 year

News August 7, 2014   Canadian Manufacturing