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Exporting & Importing Manufacturing Operations Sales & Marketing Supply Chain

March 1, 2024
Federal government says there will be no carbon rebates for Sask.

Manufacturing Operations Sales & Marketing

February 27, 2024
Kimray launches a new oil and gas controller in Canada

Manufacturing Operations Sales & Marketing Supply Chain

February 23, 2024
Braya Renewable Fuels begins commercial operations

Environment Manufacturing Operations Regulation Research & Development Sales & Marketing

January 8, 2024
FuelPositive joins the Canadian Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association and sets completion date for private placement

Manufacturing Operations

January 4, 2024
Alberta sovereignty push: Learning from the economic fallout of similar separatist movements

Manufacturing Regulation Research & Development Risk & Compliance

December 21, 2023
Climate change solutions require collaboration between politicians, scientists and entrepreneurs

Environment Exporting & Importing Manufacturing Operations Sales & Marketing Sustainability Technology / IIoT

December 20, 2023
Westport Fuel Systems awarded development contract to adapt and commercialize fuel system

Environment Manufacturing Operations Sales & Marketing Sustainability Technology / IIoT

December 11, 2023
CSL announces milestone in decarbonizing the maritime industry through biofuels

Environment Human Resources Manufacturing Operations

November 23, 2023
Next Hydrogen appoints Robert Campbell as new CCO

Manufacturing Regulation

November 6, 2023
Premiers say Ottawa must ensure carbon pricing measures are fair to all Canadians


November 4, 2023
China’s largest LNG storage tank of 270,000 cubic meters in operation


November 2, 2023
Sale of U.S. federal oil and gas leases in Gulf of Mexico off again pending hearings on whale protections


November 1, 2023
Saskatchewan gas utility could face steep fines and jail for not remitting carbon tax

Human Resources Sustainability

November 1, 2023
How to ensure Alberta’s oil and gas workers have jobs during the energy transition


October 30, 2023
Oil prices could reach ‘uncharted waters’ if the Israel Hamas war escalates, the World Bank says


October 27, 2023
Saskatchewan and Alberta premiers ask for extension of carbon tax exemption


October 27, 2023
Reappointments to the Canada Industrial Relations Board announced

Manufacturing Small Business

October 26, 2023
CFIB Business Barometer: Small business confidence at its lowest since April 2020


October 26, 2023
Alberta Premier Smith says International Energy Agency ‘no longer credible’

Human Resources

October 26, 2023
Workplace tensions: How and when bystanders can make a difference

Human Resources Manufacturing Sustainability

October 25, 2023
Canada needs to move faster than the rest of the world on renewable energy: Wilkinson

Human Resources Manufacturing

October 25, 2023
Alberta NDP says renewable energy windfall should benefit consumers, industry

Human Resources Manufacturing

October 25, 2023
Slips, trips, and falls are B.C.’s costliest workplace incidents: WorkSafeBC


October 25, 2023
How secrecy and regulatory capture drove Alberta’s oil and gas liability crisis

Human Resources

October 23, 2023
B.C. to remove barriers for internationally trained professionals: premier


October 6, 2023
FortisBC calls for greater care when working near gas lines


October 3, 2023
Interim CEO announced for Workplace Safety North