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Canadian Manufacturing
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Environment Research & Development Risk & Compliance

Western fires are burning higher in the mountains at unprecedented rates in a clear sign of climate change

Feature June 3, 2021   In-Depth
InfrastructureManufacturing Risk & Compliance Technology / IIoT

Cyber attacks can shut down critical infrastructure. It’s time to make cyber security compulsory

Feature June 2, 2021  
Manufacturing Research & Development Risk & Compliance

Covid-19: why the lab leak theory must be formally investigated

Feature June 2, 2021  
Research & Development Risk & Compliance Technology / IIoT

Canadian Security: VIDEO: On the Clock: Kevin Golas, Global head of cybersecurity services, OpenText

Feature May 26, 2021   Canadian Security
Manufacturing Research & Development Risk & Compliance

Think like a virus to understand why the pandemic isn’t over yet – and what the US needs to do to help other countries

Feature May 26, 2021  
Risk & Compliance Small Business

Making intellectual property rights work for small and medium businesses

Feature May 21, 2021  
Environment Risk & Compliance

G20 leaders urged at Global Health Summit to action to prevent future pandemics

News May 21, 2021   In-Depth
ElectronicsResearch & Development Risk & Compliance Technology / IIoT

Customers’ demand for integrated solutions powers global email security market

News May 21, 2021  
InfrastructureManufacturing Operations Regulation Risk & Compliance

Ontario releases three-step roadmap for safely reopening the province

News May 20, 2021  
Infrastructure Public SectorManufacturing Regulation Research & Development Risk & Compliance

Why we need to seriously reconsider COVID-19 vaccination passports

Feature May 20, 2021  
ElectronicsResearch & Development Risk & Compliance Technology / IIoT

Canadian Security: HBC takes top spot in cyber skills competition

Feature May 19, 2021   Canadian Security
AutomotiveRegulation Risk & Compliance

California places Tesla’s ‘Full Self Driving’ under review

News May 19, 2021  
Manufacturing Research & Development Risk & Compliance Supply Chain

COVID-19 could be the end of ‘global health’ as we know it

Feature May 19, 2021  
Environment Risk & Compliance Sustainability

How wildfires affect climate change — and vice versa

Feature May 19, 2021   In-Depth
Research & Development Risk & Compliance

Strategic extremism: 4 insights on the U.S. Capitol siege from established insurgencies

Feature May 19, 2021  
Human Resources Risk & Compliance

Preventive measures are as important to the mental health pandemic as they are to COVID-19

Feature May 18, 2021  
Regulation Risk & Compliance

UK readies for major reopening but new variant sparks worry

News May 17, 2021  
Manufacturing Risk & Compliance

Ontario to pause first doses of AstraZeneca vaccines

News May 12, 2021  
Research & Development Risk & Compliance Technology / IIoT

The Colonial Pipeline ransomware attack and the SolarWinds hack were all but inevitable – why national cyber defense is a ‘wicked’ problem

Feature May 11, 2021  
Energy Oil & GasHuman Resources Regulation Risk & Compliance

Ontario First Nations group backs Line 5 shutdown, slams Ottawa for fighting back

News May 7, 2021   Cleantech Canada
Environment Regulation Risk & Compliance

Canadians urge feds to curb global wildlife trade to prevent another pandemic

News May 6, 2021   News
Human Resources Research & Development Risk & Compliance

OHS Canada: What lasting effects will COVID-19 have on worker health, safety?

Feature May 5, 2021   OHS Canada
Environment Research & Development Risk & Compliance

A new report finds waterways near industrial farms in Canada could be a public health threat

News May 5, 2021   Cleantech Canada
Manufacturing Risk & Compliance

Alberta confirms blood clot disorder death linked to AstraZeneca vaccine

News May 5, 2021  
Public SectorHuman Resources Manufacturing Operations Regulation Risk & Compliance Small Business

Ontario paid sick leave plan ‘inadequate, unfair,’ according to many businesses

News April 30, 2021  
ElectronicsResearch & Development Risk & Compliance Technology / IIoT

Canada should be transparent in how it uses AI to screen immigrants

Feature April 29, 2021  
Public SectorHuman Resources Risk & Compliance

With COVID-19’s third wave, we’re far from ‘all in this together’

Feature April 20, 2021  
Public SectorRegulation Risk & Compliance

Ontario’s new restrictions on outdoor gatherings raise eyebrows

News April 19, 2021  
Research & Development Risk & Compliance

COVID-19 variants FAQ: How did the U.K., South Africa and Brazil variants emerge? Are they more contagious? How does a virus mutate? Could there be a super-variant that evades vaccines?

Feature April 16, 2021  
Public SectorRisk & Compliance

Ontario could announce new restrictions to curb surging COVID-19 rates

News April 16, 2021