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Canadian Manufacturing


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Infrastructure Transportation Financing Manufacturing Procurement

Canada’s procurement minister defends shipbuilding plans amid supply chain challenges

News June 3, 2022  
Aerospace Public Sector Transportation Financing Manufacturing Procurement

Federal government announces contract to extend the life of the RCAF’s aging fleet of 85 CH-146 Griffon helicopters

News May 30, 2022  
Infrastructure Manufacturing Operations Procurement Research & Development Sales & Marketing Technology / IIoT

Procurement strategies to improve efficiency across the supply chain

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Infrastructure Public Sector Financing Manufacturing Procurement Research & Development Technology / IIoT

NGen announces $76M in funding for ZEV projects

News April 29, 2022   In-Depth
Infrastructure Public Sector Exporting & Importing Manufacturing Procurement Regulation Supply Chain

U.S. trade representative to meet with Canadian counterpart on key issues next week

News April 28, 2022  
Aerospace Automotive Infrastructure Transportation Exporting & Importing Manufacturing Operations Procurement Regulation Risk & Compliance

Bombardier intends to fight Alstom claims on railway deal at international arbitration

News April 26, 2022  
Cleantech Energy Heavy Machinery Infrastructure Mining & Resources Environment Manufacturing Operations Procurement Sales & Marketing Sustainability

Algoma Steel awards building contract to Walters Group

News April 25, 2022   News
Heavy Machinery Mining & Resources Manufacturing Operations Procurement Sales & Marketing

Canadian Timberframes purchases Hundegger CNC machine with 6-axis robot

News April 19, 2022  
Aerospace Infrastructure Transportation Exporting & Importing Financing Manufacturing Procurement Technology / IIoT

F-35 pilot says Canada avoided huge problems from avoiding purchase a decade ago

News April 18, 2022  
Aerospace Infrastructure Public Sector Manufacturing Operations Procurement Sales & Marketing

Federal negotiations for F-35 jets heat up

News March 29, 2022  
Heavy Machinery Oil & Gas Transportation Financing Manufacturing Procurement Sales & Marketing

Terravest to acquire Mississippi Tank and Manufacturing Co.

News March 11, 2022  
Electronics Energy Transportation Manufacturing Procurement Supply Chain

Vision Marine enters agreement with Weismann Marine

News February 11, 2022  
Infrastructure Public Sector Manufacturing Operations Procurement Supply Chain Technology / IIoT

Medical technology companies frustrated with Canadian market

News January 24, 2022  
Textiles Environment Manufacturing Procurement Supply Chain Sustainability

Silk & Snow’s sustainable furniture line

News January 10, 2022  
Food & Beverage Financing Manufacturing Procurement

Regal acquires Kisko, including Mr. Freeze brand

News January 6, 2022  
Infrastructure Human Resources Manufacturing Operations Procurement Supply Chain

Sojag Inc. to merge with ShelterLogic Operations Canada

News January 6, 2022  
Energy Mining & Resources Manufacturing Procurement Supply Chain

Algonquin Power & Utilities acquires New York American Water

News January 4, 2022  
Heavy Machinery Infrastructure Financing Human Resources Manufacturing Procurement Sales & Marketing

Stelco acquires 40% of Hamilton sports group, the Tiger-Cats

News January 3, 2022  
Food & Beverage Manufacturing Operations Procurement Sales & Marketing Supply Chain

Wildpack starts can sleeve and label production

News December 23, 2021  
Textiles Manufacturing Procurement Supply Chain

CAPPEM releases statement to call for a fix on PPE procurement

News December 15, 2021  
Heavy Machinery Financing Manufacturing Procurement

ATS completes acquisition of SP Industries

News December 6, 2021  
Aerospace Public Sector Manufacturing Procurement

Canadian government narrows fighter jet procurement down to 2 bidders

News December 2, 2021  
Mining & Resources Environment Financing Manufacturing Procurement Supply Chain

Optimum Ventures closes option to acquire up to 80% interest in Harry property

News November 14, 2021  
Financing Manufacturing Procurement Regulation Risk & Compliance Sales & Marketing

Canada Goose beats quarterly revenue estimates

News November 5, 2021  
Infrastructure Financing Human Resources Manufacturing Procurement Technology / IIoT

Hypertec acquires

News November 2, 2021  
Infrastructure Public Sector Manufacturing Operations Procurement

Federal government to donate 10M doses of Moderna vaccine to COVAX

News November 1, 2021