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Assembly Robots
Lincoln Electric (Canada)

A variety of robots and automated systems are available from Lincoln Electric. We can provide universal process robots, robotic welding systems, structu...

Fume Collectors
Lincoln Electric (Canada)

Fume collectors of all types are available from Lincoln Electric. Some of the weld fume control solutions available include stationary, portable, or mob...

Ducting Expansion Joints
Northern Industrial Supply Co. (NISCO)

Northern Industrial Supply Company (NISCO) can provide high quality expansion joints for industrial ductwork. These expansion joints are designed to mee...

Conduit & Cable Fittings
Bergen Cable Technology, Inc

We provide conduit and cable fitting solutions that work with our wide range of control cables. These fittings help protect your cables from wear and da...

Pneumatic Carrier Tubes
Exair Corporation

EXAIR compressed air operated Line Vac connects to standard hose or tube to create a powerful in-line conveyor. The compact design features large throat...

Air Knife Dryers
Exair Corporation

EXAIR offers the latest engineered air knives that dramatically reduce compressed air usage and noise. The Super, Standard and Full-Flow Air Knives...