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Welding & Cutting Torches
Lincoln Electric (Canada)
As an international leader in welding solutions, Lincoln Electric can offer welding guns and cutting torches of many types. Our wide selection includes pro...

Indexable Insert Drills
Rotem Industrial Products Inc
We can provide indexable insert drills that will save you time and money. The high performance tools we provide will reduce the need for re-sharpening, and...

Hot Runner Temperature Controllers
Process Heaters Inc
We carry hot runner temperature controllers ranging from the most sophisticated models that allow for global commands and up to 64 zones, to controllers th...

Slotted Nuts
Advance Fasteners Ltd
Slotted nuts are available from Advance Fasteners Ltd. For instance, we can supply hex slotted nuts in grade 2 steel. When slotted nuts are used with bolts...

Electronic Screws
Gould Fasteners Ltd
Gould Fasteners is a valuable source of industrial screws of all kinds, as well as hardware for electronic products. Both categories include Gould’s line...

Pipe Thread Compounds
Henkel Canada Corporation
Henkel Canada Corporation can offer a variety of pipe thread compounds that will seal and prevent corrosion on pipes and fittings. These thread sealants ar...