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April 19, 2018

NAFTA decision time: Freeland to U.S. as countries face big choice on form of deal

There are a number of options on the table for resolving NAFTA this spring, but none would result in a wall-to-wall upgrade on all the topics under discussion; that's something one expert said could take another 10 months

April 19, 2018

‘American weapons are the best’ Trump boasts as U.S. eases rules on drone sales

Trump's administration will allow American defence contractors to sell armed drones directly abroad instead of through the government. The change should give a big boost to an almost trillion dollar a year defence industry
April 19, 2018

Supreme Court beer ruling could apply to Alberta B.C. pipeline war, experts say

A newly minted decision from Canada's highest court could signal that Alberta's move to punish B.C. for its opposition to the Trans Mountain project, by restricting oil shipments to the province, is unconstitutional
April 19, 2018

Ghost in the machine: Indian motorcycles may self start

Affected models may have a faulty switch that, due to corrosion, can cause an electrical short and start up the bike's engine. The Minnesota company has started a recall of 11 models

April 19, 2018

China: Qualcomm acquisition ‘has difficulty’ resolving concerns

U.S. chipmaker Qualcomm is experiencing roadblocks in its bid to buy NXP Semiconductors. China is the final major government withholding approval of the deal, but it wouldn't say if its concerns are related to U.S.-China trade tensions
April 19, 2018

Procter & Gamble buys Merk consumer health division for US$4.2B

The deal means Procter & Gamble acquires a business that saw six per cent organic sales growth from 2015-2017 and includes nutritional supplements for pregnant women, cod liver oil capsules and back pain balm

April 19, 2018

Supreme Court upholds law in cross border beer case, averting trade shakeup

Canada's highest court sided with New Brunswick in the case of an N.B. man who was fined for bringing Quebec beer back to his province in 2012. The ruling affirms for Canada's provinces the right to control liquor within their borders
April 19, 2018

Ontario-born GM Canada president taking over Cadillac in management shuffle

Under Steve Carlisle's leadership, GM Canada has made a number of moves to keep the operation at the forefront of technological innovations while retaining some of its traditional manufacturing operations



5 Essential Financing Tips


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Safety & Sustainability

Cybersecurity testing and evaluation helps smart home technology manufacturers gain a competitive edge

—Sponsored article by CSA Group The world is changing. More and more innovative products are being developed with the ability to connect to the Internet, with the number of connected devices expected to experience major growth over the next few
Energy Efficiency

Energy-intensive Canada could cut back dramatically through efficiency measures

According to a new report from The Conference Board of Canada, energy efficiency measures such as incentive programs, retrofits, audits, land-use measures, building standards and renewable subsidies can substantially reduce Canada's energy consumption
Industrial Edge

ADF Group: 60 years of steely resolve keeps Quebec fabricator in growth mode

Producer of steel assemblies and components for the construction market stands out for its production capacity


Financial Management

5 Essential Financing Tips

Look for a lender that knows your industry
Technology Showcase

Two-speed core drill offers efficient way to drill, tap and twist

The new JMU tools top the class with their compact design and versatility


Productivity Improvement

Success secured with LOCTITE

Transforming the manufacturing process, LOCTITE adhesives provide speedy, durable solutions for visual display designer Joker FX
Revenue Growth

Wheels up: Exporters should get out there and visit their target markets

Successfully selling products in a foreign country requires a personal touch, so pack your suitcase
Export Success Skills

Forging a U.S. Presence – How to Access the U.S.

The decision to expand into the U.S. is a big step and part of a complex process

Cleantech Canada

April, 19 2018

U.K. considers plan to ban plastic straws and cut waste

Later this year officials will launch a public consultation for a potential bill banning the sale of single-use plastics in England. The U.K. government has also allocated 61.4 million pounds to study plastic waste reduction
April, 19 2018

Air Canada to blend biofuel into fuel supply at Toronto-Pearson Airport

Canada's Biojet Supply Chain Initiative (CBSCI) will on Earth Day mix 230,000 litres of biofuel into the airport's multi-user fuel supply system
April, 19 2018

Canada’s Greenest Employers announced

Canada's "greenest" companies have established formal initiatives and long-term commitments to help mitigate the harmful impacts of their operations

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