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Switch Controls
Linemaster Switch Corp.
Linemaster Electric Switches: Our electric foot switches set the gold standard for industrial and O.E.M. customers around the world. We offer affordable, b...

Henkel Canada Corporation
Henkel Canada Corporation provides a variety of industrial sealants that are used to prevent passage of liquids and gasses. We develop our innovative seala...

Conveyor Covers
Continental Conveyor Ltd
We manufacture conveyor covers that offer unprecedented safety and protection for both your products and your staff. When you’re moving goods down a ...

Wainbee Limited
A variety of hydraulic pumps are available from Wainbee limited. They include fixed displacement and variable displacement models, such as vane, gear, and ...

Microregulator Valves
ODE Valve Canada
The breadth of valves, pumps, and similar products we carry at ODE Valve Canada is extremely diverse. One item that has recently become important is our li...

Wire Ties
Brim Electronics Inc.
We offer high-strength wire ties to suit your electrical purposes. When you’re bundling wires, you need to be sure that they’ll stay secure. Br...