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$23.3M in government funding flowed to the cleantech sector in July and August


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Take advantage of government funding to fuel your future business goals

Canadian businesses and organizations in the cleantech sector secured $23.3M in government grants, contributions and incentives from federal and provincial programs in July and August 2018, according to new data from Fundingportal, a leading funding services and solutions provider.

Top Recipients Include:

  • Clearstone Engineering Ltd. In Calgary receives $1.6M from Natural Resources Canada’s Energy Innovation Program to research ways to detect, quantify and reduce volatile organic compounds (VOC) and methane emissions (Source).
  • Éocycle Technologies Inc. in Montreal receives $1.5M from the Quebec Economic Development Program (QEDP) to develop an improved wind turbine (Source).
  • Ostara Nutrient Recovery Technologies Inc. in Vancouver receives $321.9k from the Great Lakes Protection Initiative to implement and test a technology to recover phosphorus from wastewater and convert it to fertilizer (Source).

How to Find Government Funding for Your Business?

  1. Define Your Objectives: Determine which of your upcoming projects could attract government funding. These typically focus on expansion, export, job creation and training, innovation, and technology adoption.
  2. Try an Aggregator: Visit websites like, which aggregate thousands of federal, provincial, and municipal programs across Canada. You can also visit government websites to supplement your research.
  3. Eligibility: Once your shortlist of programs is ready, double-check the eligibility criteria for each before applying. Funders report that around 80% of applications they receive are ultimately rejected for non-compliance, so make sure you meet all of the program’s requirements before you apply.


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