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Manufacturing AUTOMATION: MA’s future leaders, Meet Simmie Thiara

by Sukanya Ray Ghosh   

Manufacturing Automation
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Under Simmie’s guidance and leadership, AceTronic has partnered with Greentech and is ensuring that industrial waste is disposed off ethically.

Manufacturing Automation.

Manufacturing AUTOMATION 

The future of the manufacturing and automation technology sector looks bright.

Armed with a strong work ethic, initiative, curiosity and a commitment to innovation, the winners of our inaugural Top 10 Under 40 program are setting the bar for young professionals across the industry. 

Whether they work in leadership, operations, maintenance, sales, support or research, these industry professionals are highly regarded by their colleagues, clients and peers.

To highlight the achievements of each individual selected for the Top 10 Under 40 list, Manufacturing AUTOMATION will feature one of 2022’s winners every week for the next 10 weeks. Nominations for the 2023 contest open at the end of the year.


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