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Xebec completes acquisition of Inmatec

News February 22, 2021  
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Where are natural gas prices headed?

News January 25, 2015   Canadian Manufacturing
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Encana selling B.C. natural gas infrastructure in $412M deal

News December 23, 2014   Canadian Manufacturing
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Pembina announces $105M expansion of Alberta gas facility

News November 28, 2014   Canadian Manufacturing
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Energy East will hurt natural gas consumers, Gaz Metro CEO says

News October 22, 2014   Canadian Manufacturing
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Oil and gas industry learns from last year’s polar vortex winter

News October 14, 2014   Canadian Manufacturing
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Aerospace engineer bets on space tech to cash in on gas flaring

News September 16, 2014   Cleantech Canada
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Encana selling northern Alberta natural gas assets for $2B

News June 27, 2014   Canadian Manufacturing
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Propane, natural gas and electricity costs

News April 25, 2014   Canadian Manufacturing
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Whitecap buying oil and gas assets from Imperial in $855M deal

News March 17, 2014   Canadian Manufacturing

U.S. emergency order forces tests of crude oil before rail shipment

News February 26, 2014   Canadian Manufacturing
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Encana mulls selling Deep Panuke natural gas project

News January 15, 2014   Canadian Manufacturing

Missed energy savings in manufacturing

News January 13, 2014   Canadian Manufacturing

Long-term oil prices set to decline: Deloitte

News January 3, 2014   Cleantech Canada
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Former U.S. energy secretary joins Canadian carbon capture firm

News December 23, 2013   Cleantech Canada
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Shell scraps plans for $12.5B natural gas upgrading plant in Louisiana

News December 5, 2013   Canadian Manufacturing
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Conservation group cites Vancouver-style LNG air pollution in B.C. northwest

News November 22, 2013   Canadian Manufacturing

Encana to cut workforce by 20 per cent in reorganization

News November 5, 2013   Canadian Manufacturing
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Lowe’s launches LNG trucking fleet in Texas

News October 25, 2013   Canadian Manufacturing

Westport acquires BAF, ServoTech for $25M; solidifies its OEM markets

News June 28, 2013   Canadian Manufacturing
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Calif. plant closure latest sign of struggle for nuclear industry

News June 10, 2013   Canadian Manufacturing

Volvo unveils alternative to natural gas fuel for big rigs

News June 7, 2013   Canadian Manufacturing
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Enbridge CEO ready to work with BC on pipeline safety

News June 6, 2013   Canadian Manufacturing
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Report on cancelled Mississauga gas plant out next Monday

News April 9, 2013   Canadian Manufacturing
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National Energy Board cuts tolls for TransCanada’s mainline

News March 28, 2013   Canadian Manufacturing
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Equal Energy rejects Montclair takeover bid

News March 26, 2013   Canadian Manufacturing

Nova Scotia looking for new sources of natural gas as prices rise

News January 15, 2013   Canadian Manufacturing
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TransCanada to build $5B natural gas pipeline across northern BC

News January 9, 2013  
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Omers, Teachers exit Express Pipeline in $860-million deal

News December 11, 2012  
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Growth in shale gas saving U.S. consumers billions, but Canadians paying more

News November 15, 2012