Canadian Manufacturing

Canadian Manufacturing

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Monsanto threatens to pull out of India

News March 7, 2016   Canadian Manufacturing

India hopes to entice manufacturers to ‘Make in India’

News September 25, 2014   Canadian Manufacturing

Auto supplier Magna building pair of new plants in India

News September 23, 2014   Canadian Manufacturing

EDC lends Montreal firm US$2M to expand Indian operations

News July 24, 2014   Canadian Manufacturing

Economic recovery hampered by slack in developing nations

News March 11, 2014   Canadian Manufacturing

India’s coal crunch gives impetus for solar shift

News February 28, 2014   Canadian Manufacturing
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India wants Alberta energy, but minister says new pipelines are key

News January 17, 2014   Canadian Manufacturing

Global economy turning corner: World Bank

News January 15, 2014   Canadian Manufacturing
Mining & ResourcesOperations

India’s environment ministry approves Posco’s $13B steel plant

News January 10, 2014   Canadian Manufacturing
Mining & ResourcesManufacturing

Human rights concerns raised over planned $12B steel plant in India

News October 1, 2013   Canadian Manufacturing
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India limits foreign investments; hopes to stem rupee’s decline

News August 15, 2013   Canadian Manufacturing

ArcelorMittal scraps plans for $8.5B steel plant in India

News July 18, 2013   Canadian Manufacturing
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South Korean firm pulls out of $5.3B steel plant planned in India

News July 16, 2013   Canadian Manufacturing
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India potential sweet spot for Canadian firms in ‘hot’ sectors: report

News May 7, 2013   Canadian Manufacturing
Exporting & Importing

Looking to grow globally? India is a good place to start

News April 11, 2013   Canadian Manufacturing

Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission finalizes co-operation agreement with India

News April 8, 2013   Canadian Manufacturing

China and Brazil to sign $30-billion currency deal at BRICS summit

News March 26, 2013   Canadian Manufacturing
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Global trade in ‘age of transition’: WTO

News November 29, 2012  

Ontario battery firm signs two MOUs on Harper trade mission

News November 6, 2012  

India lost up to $210 billion in non-competitive resource sell-off

News August 17, 2012  
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Maruti Suzuki will reopen riot-torn car plant

News August 16, 2012  
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Coca-Cola pouring another $3 billion into India

News June 26, 2012  

India factory raids uncover dozens of child labourers

News June 12, 2012  
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Canada, India sign transportation MOU

News June 11, 2012  

India, EU aim to complete free-trade pact

News February 10, 2012  

India’s central bank keeps rates steady

News December 16, 2011  
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India’s growth skids to 6.9 per cent

News November 30, 2011  
Exporting & Importing

Growing India economy has demand for Canadian products

News November 28, 2011  
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New Tata Sons chairman from outside the family

News November 24, 2011  

Asia-Pacific is the future of Canada: BC Premier

News July 25, 2011