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Canadian Manufacturing

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Xebec Adsorption Inc. adds Karen Nielsen to board

News April 7, 2021   Cleantech Canada
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Westport Fuel Systems announces co-investment agreement to expand their production facility in China

News March 19, 2021   Cleantech Canada
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Suncor Energy looks to offset greenhouse gas emissions with investment in Svante

News March 19, 2021   Cleantech Canada
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Xebec completes acquisition of Inmatec

News February 22, 2021  
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Regulators get plan for undoing the Atlantic Coast Pipeline

News January 5, 2021   Cleantech Canada
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SWN Resources wraps up controversial seismic testing in New Brunswick

News December 6, 2013   Canadian Manufacturing
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Powerful, faraway quakes can trigger tremors around US oil and gas fields, study suggests

News July 11, 2013   Canadian Manufacturing
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Industry giant GE aims to improve fracking

News May 27, 2013   Canadian Manufacturing
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Can’t tax reforestation, top court rules; case could affect oil, gas transfers

News May 23, 2013   Canadian Manufacturing
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Ontario Liberals target PC leader’s wife on cancelled Oakville gas plant

News April 25, 2013   Canadian Manufacturing
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Decision to scrap gas plants compared to America’s moon shot

News April 18, 2013   Canadian Manufacturing
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Inter Pipeline Fund signs deal to sell ethane to Nova Chemicals

News April 15, 2013   Canadian Manufacturing
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Oil and gas M&A activity expected to increase

News January 9, 2013  
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Omers, Teachers exit Express Pipeline in $860-million deal

News December 11, 2012  
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Give $1.3 billion oil subsidies to renewables, gain 18,000 jobs: report

News November 22, 2012  
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Bentley, Milloy clarify legislative record on release of gas plant documents

News October 15, 2012  
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Tories, NDP accuse Liberals of not telling the truth on cancelled gas plants

News October 15, 2012  

France to cut gasoline taxes

News August 22, 2012  
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Energy Crime Stoppers expands to Ohio

News August 16, 2012  
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Taxpayers get hit with $180 million bill for cancelled Mississauga gas plant

News July 16, 2012  

BP sells more upstream assets for $1 billion

News June 25, 2012  

Canada cracks down on environmental delinquents; follow ups a different story

News December 14, 2011  
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Canada’s economic winners and losers

News May 6, 2011