Canadian Manufacturing

Canadian Manufacturing


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Automotive Exporting & Importing

German automakers pushing for trade deal between U.S., EU

News January 29, 2015   Canadian Manufacturing
Oil & Gas Regulation

Oilsands exporters narrowly survive ‘dirty’ oil vote in Europe

News December 17, 2014   Cleantech Canada
Oil & Gas Regulation

EU Parliament may revive ‘dirty’ label for oilsands products

News December 16, 2014   Cleantech Canada
Cleantech Manufacturing

P.E.I. firm signs contract omega-3 production deals in Europe

News September 10, 2014   Cleantech Canada
Public Sector Exporting & Importing

CETA text leaked by German media stokes trade deal’s critics

News August 14, 2014   Canadian Manufacturing
Public Sector Exporting & Importing

CETA: Trade deal with Europe clears major hurdle with final text

News August 6, 2014   Canadian Manufacturing
Human Resources

Better labour mobility Canada’s biggest CETA win, report says

Feature July 31, 2014   Canadian Manufacturing
Oil & Gas Exporting & Importing

EU to soften fuel quality rules, opening door to oilsands crude: report

News June 6, 2014   Canadian Manufacturing
Oil & Gas Exporting & Importing

Opportunity knocks for B.C. as Europe looks to import more LNG

News May 29, 2014   Cleantech Canada
Energy Oil & Gas Environment

Poland looks to reduce dependence on Russia with shale gas law

News March 12, 2014   Canadian Manufacturing

Canadian delegation off to Europe to study apprenticeship systems

News March 7, 2014   Canadian Manufacturing

Putin’s Ukraine power play exposes fragile economic recovery

News March 4, 2014   Canadian Manufacturing

EU Commission forecasts slightly stronger 2014 economic growth

News February 25, 2014   Canadian Manufacturing
Automotive Manufacturing

Volkswagen makes $9.2B bid for remaining Scania shares

News February 24, 2014   Canadian Manufacturing
Automotive Operations

GM’s Opel extends deal guaranteeing no layoffs at 3 German plants

News February 3, 2014   Canadian Manufacturing

NSA practices industrial espionage, Snowden claims in interview

News January 28, 2014   Canadian Manufacturing

Siemens’ net profit climbs 20% as it moves past one-time charges

News January 28, 2014   Canadian Manufacturing

France, workers reach agreement to end standoff at Goodyear plant

News January 22, 2014   Canadian Manufacturing
Automotive Operations Procurement

European auto market shrinks to lowest levels since 1995

News January 16, 2014   Canadian Manufacturing

New EU regulations clamp down on commodities speculation

News January 15, 2014   Canadian Manufacturing

Goodyear files lawsuit after ‘boss napping,’ plant occupation

News January 8, 2014   Canadian Manufacturing
Cleantech Energy Environment Operations Regulation

EU makes pollution more expensive under carbon trading system

News January 8, 2014   Cleantech Canada

Police intervene, free Goodyear bosses held captive at French plant

News January 7, 2014   Canadian Manufacturing

Goodyear managers in France held overnight in ‘boss-napping’

News January 7, 2014   Canadian Manufacturing

Pair of managers trapped by workers at French Goodyear factory

News January 6, 2014   Canadian Manufacturing
Financing Procurement

Banks still not lending to companies in Europe; recovery subdued

News January 3, 2014   Canadian Manufacturing