Canadian Manufacturing

Canadian Manufacturing


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Waterloo Brewing announces extended co-manufacturing agreement with partner

News October 11, 2022  
Alcohol & Cannabis Food & Beverage Human Resources Manufacturing Operations Regulation

Molson Canada reaches tentative deal with striking workers at its Montreal plant

News June 10, 2022  
Alcohol & Cannabis Food & Beverage Manufacturing Sales & Marketing

Corona Canada announces a non-beer beverage

News May 30, 2022  
Alcohol & Cannabis Food & Beverage Human Resources Manufacturing Operations Regulation Risk & Compliance

Heaven Hill signals intent to hire replacement workers

News October 19, 2021  
Food & Beverage Sales & Marketing

Ontario’s craft brewers skeptical of Beer Store ownership offer

News January 8, 2015   Canadian Manufacturing
Food & Beverage Human Resources

Moosehead laying off 70 workers at Saint John, N.B., brewery

News October 2, 2014   Canadian Manufacturing
Food & Beverage Operations

Brick Brewing announces $9M expansion of Kitchener, Ont., facility

News September 23, 2014   Canadian Manufacturing
Public Sector Manufacturing

Budget 2014: Feds promise better beer

News February 11, 2014   Canadian Manufacturing

AB InBev rebuys South Korean Brewery for $5.8B

News January 20, 2014   Canadian Manufacturing

Molson Coors mulls cost-cutting at Canadian operations

News November 6, 2013   Canadian Manufacturing
Food & Beverage Manufacturing

Heineken buys control of Thai brewer

News September 19, 2012  
Energy Food & Beverage Environment Operations Sustainability

Molson Coors sets environmental sustainability targets for 2020

News August 22, 2012  

Heineken bids $4.1 billion to tighten grip on Asian brewer

News July 20, 2012  
Food & Beverage Manufacturing

InBev buys rest of Corona maker Modelo for $20 billion

News June 29, 2012  

Molson-Coors buys StarBev for $3.5 billion

News April 3, 2012  
Food & Beverage Manufacturing

Scientists stumble upon beer ancestor

News August 23, 2011  

Are beer prices artificially high?

News January 21, 2011  
Food & Beverage Transportation Operations Supply Chain

Massive beer vats begin road trip to Molson

News January 7, 2011