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Usitechnov Industries announces that their head office will remain in the Beauce region

by CM Staff   

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The company also says that the new owners have also received $100,000 in financial support from Développement économique Nouvelle-Beauce.

SAINTE-MARIE — Usitechnov Industries has specialized in precision machining in the Beauce region since its inception, and says that they have teamed up with Desjardins Capital, National Bank and Investissement Québec to help 2 external shareholders acquire the company so they can keep its expertise in Quebec and maintain its head office in Sainte-Marie.

The new owners of Usitechnov Industries reportedly have entrepreneurial skills that complement each other and make them qualified successors who’ll ensure the company’s continued success. Charles Quirion’s background in entrepreneurial and operational management combined with Frédéric Gagné’s financial and administration skills will allow them to pursue the company’s mission with support from an experienced team of 25 employees.

“We’re proud to have financial partners who have shown a lot of openness, trust and creativity towards the project,” explains Frédéric Gagné, Co-President, Finance and Administration of Usitechnov Industries. “By supporting us with a flexible financial package, they’re ensuring Usitechnov’s long-term success while allowing the company to further its growth objectives despite the current economic climate.”

“It’s an honour to have a hand in writing the next chapter of the company’s history,” adds Charles Quirion, Co-President, Operations and Development of Usitechnov Industries. “With their 13-year average seniority, the current team will be key to maintaining our reputation in the market. Their dedication and excellent work will help us provide stability to the clients and suppliers who have trusted us for 30 years, and also allow us to seize growth opportunities that will ensure the company’s sustainability.”


“Implementing a succession plan is a crucial step in the growth of a business,” states Marie-Hélène Nolet, Chief Operating Officer of Desjardins Capital. “I’m extremely proud that we’re able to keep the company’s ownership in Quebec and help 2 entrepreneurs fulfill their dream. Our partnership provides significant support to the new owners who are now fully equipped to take advantage of the strong growth potential in their industry sector.”

The company also says that the new owners have also received $100,000 in financial support from Développement économique Nouvelle-Beauce through its Fonds locaux d’investissement et de solidarité.


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