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Revolve completes BLM variance process for 250MW Parker Solar and Storage Project

by CM Staff   

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Revolve Parker Solar LLC., a 90% owned subsidiary of the Company, submitted a right of way (SF299) application to the BLM in September 2021.

VANCOUVER — Revolve Renewable Power Corp. announces that of the United States Bureau of Land Management (the BLM) has notified the Company that its right of way / variance land application for the 250 megawatt (or MW) Parker Solar and Storage Project (the Parker Project), located in La Paz County, Arizona has been approved for further processing.

  1. The Parker Project is a 250MW solar and battery storage project, located on approximately 1,530 acres of land wholly managed by the BLM in La Paz County, 9 miles southeast of Parker, Arizona.The entire project site is located in a solar variance area as identified in BLM’s Solar PEIS and Record of Decision (ROD) (BLM/DOE 2012, BLM 2012a). It has the capacity to provide electricity to an equivalent of approximately 300,000 homes.
  2. The Company will now continue through the BLM approval process, which will consist of completion of an environmental review of the Parker Project in accordance with National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) of 1969 and all other applicable laws, regulations and policies.
  3. Development activities for the Parker Project over the remainder of 2022 are expected to consist of the following:
    1. Completion of field studies including biological, aquatic and cultural resource assessments
    2. Continuation of the interconnection study process for the Parker Project by the Western Area Power Administration (“WAPA“); and
    3. Review and amendment of the plan of development for the project.

Revolve Parker Solar LLC., a 90% owned subsidiary of the Company, submitted a right of way (SF299) application to the BLM in September 2021 which included a Plan of Development and Variance Factor Analysis for the Parker Project. Following the submission of the SF299 application, the Company has worked with the BLM in accordance with the BLM’s right of way regulations (43 CFR 2800) to advance approval of the Parker Project.

The Company also confirms that it has appointed Wood Group Inc., a global engineering consultancy firm with extensive experience across the energy sector in the United States, to lead the field studies required as part of the NEPA process.

Steve Dalton, CEO of Revolve, commented: “Completion of the variance approval process is a major milestone for the development of the Parker Project and is the result of some excellent work by the Revolve development team working closely with the BLM over the last 10 months. We now look forward to continuing this work with the BLM and our external consultants as the project moves into the NEPA process.”



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