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PyroGenesis Canada provides updates on its manufacturing

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Updates include a distribution agreement, a commercial partnership and a qualification agreement with an aerospace company.

MONTREAL — PyroGenesis Canada Inc. a manufacturer of advanced plasma processes, plasma atomized metal powder for 3D printing, and sustainable solutions, provided an update on its high quality plasma-atomized metal powders (for 3D printing) business line.

“Over the past three years, PyroGenesis completed a series of intricate production steps as it readied the NexGen Plasma Atomization system. This has resulted in the most recent milestone, where the Company announced that it had moved from sample production to commercial size batch production,” said Mr. P. Peter Pascali, CEO and Chair of PyroGenesis.

NexGen Plasma Atomization System

PyroGenesis previously announced the filing of a provisional patent for a plasma atomized metal powder production process, for use in 3D printing by additive manufacturers. This process was a departure from conventional plasma atomization. The provisional patent targets higher production rates, narrower particle size distribution, and reportedly has the additional advantage of being able to shift the bulk PSD into a more desirable distribution.


Aubert & Duval Agreement

Status of Partnership Agreement

PyroGenesis has a technical and commercial partnership agreement with Aubert & Duval, a company involved in industrializing high-performance steel, super alloy, aluminum and titanium alloys.

This agreement, in place since 2019, pairs PyroGenesis with a partner that has a background with AM clients, from the development of product to mass production. The agreement established the framework within which Aubert & Duval and PyroGenesis would work together during the period wherein PyroGenesis developed their NexGen technology.

Next Step: Distribution Agreements

With NexGen now producing titanium powder, and with powder shipments now commenced for distribution to companies worldwide for qualification, discussions are now under way between the parties for full distribution agreements.

Aerospace Company

PyroGenesis also has an agreement with a tier one North American global aerospace company, for qualification of the Company’s titanium metal powder.

Under this agreement, the Client has been performing an in-depth qualification process – a procedure typically required before a company can become an approved supplier. The process was established to, amongst other things, evaluate the Company’s manufacturing methods, test samples of powder for batch-to-batch consistency, and determine various mechanical and chemical properties. Subsequently, larger volumes of powder will be used to print test coupons to further evaluate mechanical and chemical properties.


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