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Nulogy launches new solution to optimize production capabilities for contract manufacturers

by CM Staff   

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New platform feature enables contract suppliers to purportedly maximize efficiency and customer service levels.

TORONTO — On Aug. 5, Nulogy, a provider of agile supply chain solutions, announced the launch of its Production Scheduling Solution to help contract manufacturers and co-packers efficiently respond to customer orders and allocate labor and capacity against the fluctuating demands of the current consumer goods market.

As fast moving consumer goods manufacturing continues to evolve at an unprecedented pace, contract suppliers often manage multiple customers and short production runs, resulting in highly dynamic and complex production scheduling environments.

The Nulogy Production Scheduling Solution is a real-time visualization tool that enables contract manufacturers and co-packers to assess and optimize their production schedules based on various constraining factors, such as order promise date, planned downtimes, changeovers, labor availability, material availability, run rates by product and equipment, and more. By enabling data automation, production scheduling can help manage dynamic work order environments with greater efficiency and accuracy, bolstering On-Time In-Full (OTIF) delivery performance and operational efficiency.

MattPak is an Illinois-based contract packager specializing in the food and beverage industry, as well as a longtime Nulogy customer and an early adopter of the Nulogy Production Scheduling Solution. “In the co-packing business, timing and accuracy are critical to success,” says Chuck Carrington, President and Co-Owner, MattPak. “Nulogy’s Production Scheduling has saved us valuable time while ensuring data accuracy in our work orders.”


Crescent is a business headquartered in Cincinnati, with a national Contract Packaging and Parts Fulfillment footprint within the food and beverage, personal care, and industrial manufacturing industries, and has leveraged the Nulogy Production Scheduling Solution in its operations.

“Nulogy’s automated Production Scheduling interface helps us track production more quickly, which allows us to be proactive in managing customer orders as well as our staffing,” says Mark Konitsch, Project Planning Manager at Crescent. “The real-time visibility into our capacity also gives us the ability to respond to customers more quickly for customer service wins.”


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