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HydroGraph Clean Power appoints Stuart Jara as Interim CEO and Kjirstin Breure as President

by CM Staff   

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Most recently, Mr. Jara was CEO of US-based Transform Materials, a company that has technology to convert methane into clean hydrogen and clean chemicals.

VANCOUVER — HydroGraph Clean Power Inc. announces the appointment of Mr. Stuart Jara, a capital markets executive in the hydrogen/hydrocarbon gas industry as Interim Chief Executive Officer. HydroGraph also announced that Kjirstin Breure has been promoted to President of HydroGraph and is appointed to the Board of Directors.

Mr. Jara is an executive with experience in the international clean energy, clean technology, industrial and chemical sectors. Mr. Jara has led a wide array of organizations in these sectors from mid-market, private-equity-owned entities to multinational enterprises. Most recently, Mr. Jara was CEO of US-based Transform Materials, a company that has technology to convert methane into clean hydrogen and clean chemicals. Prior to Transform, Mr. Jara spent years in Private Equity where he led over a dozen companies.

“HydroGraph’s team, relationships, technologies, facilities and strategy are very impressive and have positioned the company to become a disruptive player in multiple exciting industries. I look forward to advancing HydroGraph’s transformation into a commercial producer of graphene, other nanomaterials, and hydrogen, with their unique detonation technology,” said Mr. Jara. “Mr. Davidson’s vision and achievements in taking the detonation technology from the lab into a scalable and commercially viable process has provided HydroGraph with a strong foundation on which we will build.”

“I am very proud of what we have achieved at HydroGraph. In a few short years we have successfully taken HydroGraph from a private research and development organization to a public company ready to focus on sales and manufacturing. This new stage of HydroGraph’s evolution is an opportunity for me to allow for a smooth transition of executive management with the right experience to lead the company into its next phase. I know that HydroGraph’s future is secure with the new leadership, and I will continue to provide Mr. Jara, Ms. Breure and the rest of the team with my insights and support as a consultant,” said Mr. Davidson.


Ms. Breure replaces David Morris, who has stepped down as President. Mr. Morris will remain a director of the Company. Ms. Breure was appointed HydroGraph’s Chief Operating Officer on October 1, 2020, and has overseen the company’s research and development, investor relations, and operations.

“I look forward to working with Mr. Jara, the Board, and our industry leading team as HydroGraph takes its next step in growth. I am confident that HydroGraph will quickly become a commercial success as a manufacturer of high-quality graphene, other nanomaterials, and hydrogen,” said Ms. Breure.


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