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Environment Exporting & Importing Regulation Research & Development Risk & Compliance

March 13, 2024
The world is not moving fast enough on climate change — social sciences can help explain why

Environment Operations Regulation Research & Development Risk & Compliance

February 2, 2024
NATO Climate Change and Security Centre of Excellence to open in Montréal: What does it mean for Canadian security?

Research & Development Sustainability

January 5, 2024
How Canadian courts are taking on climate change


December 29, 2023
Federal government agrees that climate adaptation saves money, analysts question funding

Environment Manufacturing Regulation

November 30, 2023
COP28: How 7 policies could help save a billion lives by 2100

Financing Manufacturing

November 14, 2023
Climate change concerns are disrupting Canadians’ consumption habits, finds EY

Environment Sustainability Technology / IIoT

November 4, 2023
E-fuels can play a huge role in Canada’s journey towards a net-zero future

Environment Manufacturing Sustainability

October 11, 2023
Climate change challenges marine conservation efforts in Atlantic Canada

Manufacturing Regulation Supply Chain

August 30, 2023
Prime Minister to travel to the Indo-Pacific to strengthen ties

Human Resources Sustainability Technology / IIoT

August 16, 2023
Deep Sky becomes scale-up partner for XPRIZE carbon removal competition

Environment Financing Manufacturing Operations Regulation Risk & Compliance

June 30, 2023
New climate policies in Atlantic Canada fuels political battle

Environment Exporting & Importing Human Resources Manufacturing Research & Development Supply Chain Technology / IIoT

April 26, 2023
German President visits UBC to highlight the ongoing cleantech manufacturing transition

Environment Exporting & Importing Manufacturing Operations Research & Development Supply Chain Sustainability Technology / IIoT

April 26, 2023
Global Steel Climate Council releases global standard to measure and report carbon emissions

Environment Manufacturing Operations Research & Development Sales & Marketing Sustainability Technology / IIoT

March 30, 2023
Bitume Québec adopts its first Climate Action Plan in agreement with bitumen and asphalt producers

Environment Human Resources Manufacturing

March 23, 2023
Biden’s Canada agenda stocked from Ukraine to climate change


February 23, 2023
Government of Canada supports enim, a cleantech company developing solutions to climate change and waste management

Environment Manufacturing

February 7, 2023
The future of flight in a net-zero-carbon world: 9 scenarios, lots of sustainable biofuel

Manufacturing Supply Chain

February 3, 2023
‘Made in Canada system’ keeps egg supply stable. But is it also keeping prices high?

Environment Manufacturing Sustainability

February 2, 2023
The EV transition isn’t just about cars – the broader goal should be access to clean mobility for everyone

Manufacturing Sustainability

January 30, 2023
Shoppers Drug Mart to transition from single-use plastic shopping bags starting January 31

Environment Manufacturing Sustainability

January 25, 2023
McCain Foods releases its 2022 Sustainability Report

Exporting & Importing Human Resources Manufacturing Supply Chain

January 24, 2023
Report: Canadian imports of products that may contain child or forced labour hits $48B

Financing Manufacturing

January 10, 2023
Funding electric public transit can reduce emissions and address economic inequality

Environment Manufacturing Supply Chain Sustainability

January 4, 2023
Scientists dig deep and find a way to accurately predict snowmelt after droughts


December 20, 2022
FIFA World Cup: With climate change, will there still be a soccer World Cup in 2100?

Manufacturing Regulation Supply Chain Sustainability

December 19, 2022
Canada’s ban on certain single-use plastics take effect this month

Human Resources Manufacturing Research & Development Sustainability Technology / IIoT

December 15, 2022
Can sending fewer emails or emptying your inbox really help fight climate change?

Environment Human Resources Manufacturing Supply Chain Sustainability

December 12, 2022
‘Polycrisis’ may be a buzzword, but it could help us tackle the world’s woes