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FLYING WHALES makes Québec the focus of its American implementation strategy

by CM Staff   

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FLYING WHALES will ready an industrial site in Quebec for the assembly lines of its full fleet of LCA60T airships for the Americas.

Figure 1 – Artist’s impression of LCA60T in a timber loading operation (CNW Group/Flying Whales)

MONTREAL — The Franco-Quebec company FLYING WHALES, which designs, produces and operates cargo airships, is preparing to develop its activities in Quebec.

FLYING WHALES has developed an alternative solution to transport heavy oversized loads in dense or remote areas.

To reach the milestones required for obtaining its operating licence, FLYING WHALES is announcing that it is reorganizing its shareholder structure.

On September 9, 2021, AVIC GENERAL, sold its shares equalling a 24.9% stake in FLYING WHALES, via AVIC GENERAL France, to the current French shareholders who have been joined by French banking group Oddo.


As a result, French public and private shareholders own 75% of FLYING WHALES and Quebec owns 25% through Investissement Québec (IQ). The Montreal subsidiary “Les dirigeables FLYING WHALES Québec” is 50.1% owned by FLYING WHALES and 49.9% by IQ.

The mission of the Montreal branch is to enter the Quebec aeronautical sector and partner with the sector’s established and credible players to build on some of the LCA60T strategic advantages. This integration will help grow Quebec’s aeronautical industry, particularly in terms of renewable energies in this key economic cluster.

FLYING WHALES will ready an industrial site in Quebec for the assembly lines of its full fleet of LCA60T airships for the Americas. Several sites are under study. The selected site will produce all of the LCA60Ts intended for the Americas. This represents tens of millions in investment and, ultimately, the creation of some 200 direct, quality and well-paid jobs.

“Today, a new page is being written in our company’s young, rich history: that of a strong and lasting alliance with our North American partners to turn this vital, revolutionary transport solution into a reality. This will reinforce our partnership with Canada and Quebec, especially given that we restructured our shareholding to reach new milestones. Until then, we will continue to boldly move forward with the invaluable support of Quebec’s institutional and industrial partners.” said Sébastien Bougon, CEO and founder of FLYING WHALES.


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