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Feds support a Manitoba brewing company to expand its product line

by CM staff   

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Over $500,000 will grow production and expand its sales presence across Western Canada.

(CNW Group/Prairies Economic Development Canada)

WINNIPEG — Fort Garry Brewing is the largest and longest-operating microbrewery in Manitoba. It produces a range of beer products and in 2021 expanded and entered the ready-to-drink beverage market.

Dan Vandal, Minister responsible for PrairiesCan and Member of Parliament for Saint Boniface-Saint Vital, announced an investment of over $520,000 to the Fort Garry Brewing Company. This support through PrairiesCan will allow the company to respond to rising demand and enter new markets as it grows the “Hector’s Hard” ready-to-drink product line across Western Canada.

The Fort Garry Brewing Company has seen uptake in the ready-to-drink product market. To increase their market share, they will scale-up marketing and production by installing an advanced bottle manufacturing and filling line. This will make it possible to capture a greater market share in more provinces. In addition, the project will result in the creation of six new jobs and increased revenues for the company.

“Fort Garry Brewing Company is the longest standing brewery in Manitoba and the pioneers of a craft brewing industry that has seen a lot of change over the last decade,” said Scott Shupeniuk, General Manager, Fort Garry Brewing Company. “Innovation is a pillar for our long-term growth, and with the contribution from PrairiesCan we are able to continue local production and better meet changing market opportunities with an investment in new equipment. We are excited for the future of the brewery in our community and making great tasting products for Manitobans.”


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