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EV Technology Group Ltd. announces production launch of its Electric MOKE vehicle

by CM Staff   

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The Electric MOKE has been in design and development for over 3 years and launches into production today, with a significant investment from Toronto-based EV Technology Group Ltd.

The Electric MOKE, now in production

TORONTO — EV Technology Group Ltd. announces on May 19 that production of the first fully Electric MOKE vehicle has been completed by MOKE International Limited following investments by EV Technology Group in both MOKE International and its UK manufacturing partner.

EV Technology Group is an investor in, and strategic partner of, MOKE International, the official producer of MOKE vehicles.

The Electric MOKE has been in design and development for over 3 years. It is being manufactured in the United Kingdom and is currently completing homologation testing requirements in Spain.

The first ‘Wave Blue’ Electric MOKE came off the production line on May 19 and will also be available in 4 additional launch colours. With the range expected to be officially verified as 120km, from a European-made lithium battery, the Electric MOKE is predominantly made from European parts.


“Seeing the first Electric MOKE vehicle come off the production line is a momentous step,” said Wouter Witvoet, Chief Executive Officer of EV Technology Group. “The MOKE is truly iconic and we are seeing high demand for this electric variant – particularly in the South of France. We are excited to be backing MOKE and helping take the first iconic brand in our portfolio into an electric future”.

“This is something very special,” said Isobel Dando, Chief Executive Officer of MOKE International. “The Electric MOKE Electric has been assembled in the UK to the highest of standards, following years of detailed design and development work. The Electric MOKE keeps true to the heart of the brand, but its electrification makes this a vehicle that is ready for the future”.


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