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British tire remanufacturing firm signs deal for 2M scrap tires annually

by Cleantech Canada Staff   

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Harmonic Energy said tires will be used in remanufacturing, recycling processes to cut waste

LONDON—A British tire remanufacturing and recycling firm has announced a new deal that will see two million scrap tires supplied to its facility annually from the United States.

According to Harmonic Energy Inc., it has signed a letter of intent with Consolidated Tire Processing LLC to have 18,000 tonnes of scrap rubber, or about two million tires, shipped to its plant each year for 10 years.

The plan, the company said, would see about 25 per cent of the scrap tires used in a remanufacturing process to make new passenger vehicle and light truck tires.

Harmonic estimates it could make as many as 500,000 tires from the U.S. scrap each year.


The remaining tires would be converted into recycled commodities using the company’s patented Tyrolysis system, which breaks the tires down into oil, steel and raw carbon char feedstocks, which are then sold to industry.

Harmonic estimates 6,000 tonnes of oil, 4,000 tonnes of carbon and 1,350 tonnes of steel could be created by recycling the unusable scrap tires.


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