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OPG’s Niagara reservoir renovation finished ahead of schedule and under budget

The reservoir is part of a Niagara hydroelectric complex that can power 1.7 million homes

February 9, 2017  by Cleantech Canada Staff

OPG’s Sir Adam Beck Complex outside Niagara Falls. The pumped hydro storage station had a 174 megawatt capacity. PHOTO: OPG/Flickr

NIAGARA FALLS—Ontario Power Generation has completed the reservoir refurbishment project at the Sir Adam Beck Pump Generating Station (PGS) outside Niagara Falls.

Built in 1957, the PGS has a 174 megawatt capacity. It is part of a hydroelectric power complex in Niagara which includes the Sir Adam Beck I and Sir Adam Beck II generating stations. The pumping station and two generating stations have a 2,119 megawatt capacity, enough to power 1.7 million homes.

The PGS pumps water into the reservoir so it can be drawn upon to generate electricity at peak times. By storing water, the reservoir allows what would be surplus energy to be used as primary energy at times of high demand.

The reservoir refurbishment project started Apr. 1, 2016 and was expected to take one year to complete. The project was completed nearly two months ahead of schedule and for less than the planned $60 million budget.


“By re-investing in our existing assets, we’re able to efficiently produce clean, reliable, low-cost electricity to serve the province for many years,” said Jeff Lyash, OPG’s president and CEO.

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