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VIDEO: Hydraulic press in action showcases steel manufacturing from Macrodyne Technologies Inc.

The hydraulic press in action showcases how tank heads are formed and fabricated.

April 5, 2022   by Sadi Muktadir

A new tank head is made using Conrex Steel’s new 3500-ton head press. (Photo Credit Corinne Moco of Olive Rae Photography)

This exclusive video from Conrex Steel Ltd. and Macrodyne Technologies Inc. showcases one of Conrex’s first hot pressed heads that were created from their new machine, the 3500 ton hydraulic press from Macrodyne.


The 30 second time lapse of a 12 minute process showcases steel manufacturing in Ontario, a cornerstone industry that continues to see investments as the province tries to position itself as a key manufacturing hub in the electric vehicle supply chain.


Conrex Steel is involved in tank head manufacturing, and had been since 2020 with Macroydine to build the 3500 ton hydraulic press, which launched into production in late 2021.

Steel manufacturing is currently being plagued by supply chain troubles, with orders for raw goods expected to taking longer than normal. This was one of the reasons cited for a drop in shipments by Algoma Steel in their fourth quarter guidance published on Mar. 24.

Steel manufacturers are undeterred, as evidenced by the video of the press in action.