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Plant: Why Cleantech need a customer-centric culture

by Shawn Casemore   

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Cleantech is a relatively new sector that is experiencing significant growth. To continue that expansion, we must put our customers’ needs, demands, and expectations first.

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Recently, I took my car to a new mechanic. We had been chasing a vibration issue with our local dealership, but my wallet and patience were nearly empty.

We took the car to the dealership on two separate occasions, paying to have the wheels rebalanced and the front end aligned, at the recommendation of the service technician. Unfortunately, the vibration remained.

When I told the service technician the vibration was still evident, she shrugged and said, “Well, you are going to have to speak with my manager.”

The service manager was aware of the issue and quickly told me that the vibration fell “within tolerance.” It was clear he expected no further discussion. Asking a second time what other options there are to eliminate the vibration, he responded “Mr. Casemore, there is nothing wrong with your vehicle.”


As you might imagine, I wasn’t pleased. In attempting to ignore the vibration, my fillings from my teeth were slowly dislodging.

Still frustrated by the dealership’s response, I stopped by another garage, and once inside, approached the service technician, explaining the problem.

He said “I know exactly the problem you’re having, as we have another customer with the same year, make, and model of vehicle, and they have had the same issues.”

This article originally featured in Plant. Read the full version here.


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