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Plant: Ford transforming Ontario plant into Oakville Electric Vehicle Complex

by Mario Cywinski   

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Photo: Ford of Canada.

Oakville Assembly Complex will be transformed into a high-volume electric vehicle manufacturing hub in Canada, after a $1.8 billion investment by Ford Motor Company.

Ford is set to be the first full-line automaker to announce plans to produce passenger EVs in Canada for the North American market.

“Canada and the Oakville complex will play a vital role in our Ford+ transformation. It will be a modern, super-efficient, vertically integrated site for battery and vehicle assembly,” said Jim Farley, president and CEO, Ford. “I’m most excited for the world to see the incredible next-generation electric and fully digitally connected vehicles produced in Oakville.”

The complex will be renamed to Oakville Electric Vehicle Complex and begin the process of retooling and modernization in the second quarter of 2024. Ford will repurpose and transform existing buildings into a facility that leverages its workforce.


“Ford of Canada has been a leader in the country’s auto industry since it was founded 119 years ago, driven by hard-working, dedicated employees,” said Bev Goodman, president and CEO, Ford of Canada. “As the top-selling auto brand in Canada for 14 straight years, the successful transition to EV production in Oakville will help deliver stable Canadian employment with the opportunity to build the new skills and expertise to drive Ford and the industry forward.”

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