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Manufacturing Automation: Technology adoption has to start at the top

by Manufacturing AUTOMATION   

Manufacturing Automation

Manufacturing CEOs are usually well intended when adopting Industry 4.0 technologies, but they are not comfortable with the whole technology conversation

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It’s been an interesting summer, to say the least. The challenges, solutions and new outcomes brought about by the sudden change in our world are wide ranging, and what “normal” is in the future will be different than what normal was in the past.

There is one “non-change,” or slow change, that continues to surprise me, and that is slow rate of adoption of digital technology on the plant floor.

My assumption was “social distancing,” working from home and the focus on the elimination of unnecessary contact points (i.e., paperwork) would have accelerated the adoption of technologies that have found their place into the rest of our lives – our homes, schools, banks and institutions, and much of our recreational and social activities, too – but that hasn’t happened. Not yet, anyway.

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