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Manufacturing Automation: Deconstructing data: Sight Machine pushes for continuous improvement

by Manufacturing Automation   

Manufacturing Automation

An AI-backed application makes sense of disparate data by reorganizing it into universal manufacturing concepts

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Over the past several years, there’s been what Jon Sobel, CEO and co-founder of a manufacturing data platform called Sight Machine, calls an “explosion” of Industry 4.0 technologies.

“Everybody’s trying to get out of pilot land and get to scale and impact – to some outcomes in the business that matter,” he says.

As a result, the market is teeming with apps promising to use artificial intelligence to improve plant performance. But unless there’s a way to correlate data from different sources in a common language that can be interpreted by the AI, these products may be watered-down solutions to complex manufacturing goals such as avoiding downtime, reducing maintenance costs, improving operational efficiency and predicting asset failure.

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