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Wello is a virtual healthcare company with more than 40 years of primary healthcare experience creating better health outcomes for employees.

Available to all Canadian businesses coast to coast (including bilingual options) Wello supports the physical and mental health of employees by providing direct access to empathetic and caring clinicians via phone or video, 24/7.

Wello helps businesses reduce employee health costs, like absenteeism and presenteeism and supports the development of a positive company culture.

Wello clinicians help patients with: 

·  Diagnosis and treatments of conditions

·  Referrals to specialists*

·  Order and interpretation of tests*

·  Writing and renewing prescriptions*

·  First step in mental health treatment

·  Chronic health management support

·  Coaching and educating on many health concerns

*When medically appropriate

While the world continues to evolve in the way people work, Wello’s Return to the Workplace self-administered COVID-19 screening tool helps businesses manage a safer return to the workplace.

We want to get employees well and keep them that way.

Contact a Wello representative to learn more: or visit our website:

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