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Canadian Manufacturing
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Human Resources Risk & Compliance

OHS Canada: A collective approach to COVID-19 prevention

Feature March 24, 2021   OHS Canada
Public SectorRisk & Compliance

Cases of COVID-19 variants on the rise in Canada, fuelling concerns over third wave

News March 23, 2021  
Public SectorManufacturing Procurement Risk & Compliance

Saskatchewan government to ship 100,000 COVID-19 rapid tests to schools across the province

News March 22, 2021  
Public SectorRisk & Compliance

Allowing more people to eat indoors could spur super spreader events, doctor warns

News March 22, 2021  
AutomotiveRisk & Compliance

Tesla on autopilot drives into Michigan trooper’s patrol car

News March 18, 2021  
Public SectorRisk & Compliance

Ontario has entered third wave of COVID-19, say province’s science advisers

News March 17, 2021  
AutomotiveOperations Risk & Compliance

Ford recalling 275K vehicles in Canada over airbag deficiencies and tires

News March 15, 2021  
Alcohol & Cannabis Food & Beverage InfrastructureManufacturing Operations Risk & Compliance Technology / IIoT

Molson Coors hit by cyberattack impacting brewing operations

News March 12, 2021  
Oil & GasHuman Resources Regulation Risk & Compliance

Alberta gas plant operator fined $80K for refusing regulatory inspection in 2018

News March 12, 2021   Cleantech Canada
Financing Manufacturing Operations Risk & Compliance Sales & Marketing

According to a PwC survey, more than three quarters of CEOs confident about the global economy

News March 11, 2021  
Food & BeverageResearch & Development Risk & Compliance

Profits trump COVID-19 protections for migrant seafood workers in Atlantic Canada

Feature March 11, 2021  
Environment Research & Development Risk & Compliance

Horse slaughter is a national disgrace we can and must end

Feature March 11, 2021   Cleantech Canada
Public SectorHuman Resources Regulation Risk & Compliance

Ford defends use of development tool as concern mounts over fast tracked projects

News March 11, 2021  
AerospaceManufacturing Regulation Risk & Compliance

Families of Boeing crash victims renew push for FAA changes

News March 11, 2021  
InfrastructureManufacturing Operations Risk & Compliance Supply Chain

Migrant worker segregation doesn’t work: COVID-19 lessons from Southeast Asia

Feature March 10, 2021  
Infrastructure Public SectorManufacturing Regulation Risk & Compliance

A year of COVID-19 has illuminated the urgent need for paid sick days

Feature March 10, 2021  
Energy Oil & GasFinancing Risk & Compliance

Alberta Energy Regulator suspends licences of oil and gas producer that owes $67M

News March 8, 2021  
Electronics Public SectorResearch & Development Risk & Compliance Technology / IIoT

Ontario’s plans for COVID-19 contact tracing wearable devices threaten freedom and privacy

Feature March 4, 2021  
Human Resources Regulation Risk & Compliance

OHS Canada: Could COVID-19 variants affect your business?

Feature March 3, 2021   OHS Canada
TransportationManufacturing Risk & Compliance

Rescue crews responding to fire, emergency, on Canadian fishing vessel off N.S. coast

News March 3, 2021  
Risk & Compliance Technology / IIoT

Canadians exposing themselves to fraud with changes in behaviour during pandemic

News March 2, 2021  
Public SectorHuman Resources Risk & Compliance

Trudeau, Blinken tight lipped on two Michaels as U.S. secretary of state Zooms Canada

News March 1, 2021  
Public SectorRisk & Compliance

Keeping COVID-19 out of rural Canada proving more difficult as variants spread

Feature February 26, 2021  
Public SectorProcurement Risk & Compliance Supply Chain

Ontario could have moved faster on COVID-19 vaccine booking site, experts say

News February 26, 2021  
Public SectorRisk & Compliance Technology / IIoT

Canadian Security: How to prevent insider risk within a company

Feature February 24, 2021   Canadian Security
Energy Oil & GasFinancing Risk & Compliance

Canadian firm Just Energy warns of huge losses due to extreme Texas winter weather

News February 23, 2021  
Mining & ResourcesResearch & Development Risk & Compliance

Investors are increasingly shunning mining companies that violate human rights

Feature February 23, 2021  
AerospaceHuman Resources Risk & Compliance

Stricter public health measures now in effect at Canadian borders, airports

News February 22, 2021  
Energy Oil & GasEnvironment Risk & Compliance

Deep freeze, power crisis enveloping Texas sparks fresh climate change falsehoods

News February 22, 2021   Cleantech Canada
AutomotiveManufacturing Risk & Compliance

Ford recalls include about 8,800 vehicles in Canada

News February 22, 2021