Canadian Manufacturing

Canadian Manufacturing

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Canada mulls global vaccine contribution as Trump turns back on alliance

News September 3, 2020  
Public SectorProcurement

Canada has contracts for up to four COVID-19 vaccines, but not mandatory

News September 1, 2020  
Public SectorManufacturing Procurement

Ventilator supply starts to increase as Tam warns of possible surge of COVID-19

News August 15, 2020  
Public SectorProcurement

Feds keep lid on company names, dollar amounts in some COVID-19 contracts

News August 3, 2020  
Aerospace Public SectorProcurement

Companies highlight jobs, economic spinoffs as fighter jet competition closes [UPDATED]

News July 30, 2020  
Public Sector TransportationManufacturing Procurement

Quebec shipyard late on delivering icebreakers after pushing feds on purchase

News July 29, 2020  
Public SectorProcurement

Liberals’ choice to give WE contract ‘corruption or incompetence’: Scheer

News July 21, 2020  
Manufacturing Procurement Technology / IIoT

A four-step strategy for building procurement resilience in a volatile world

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Feds order supplies to give two doses of COVID-19 vaccine when its ready

News July 20, 2020  

H-Source, Relevium partner to develop global supply of PPE

News July 14, 2020  
Energy Oil & GasProcurement

Engineering company seeking exit from Goldboro LNG deal

News July 14, 2020  
Public SectorProcurement

Biden proposes US$700B-plus ‘Buy American’ campaign

News July 9, 2020  
Manufacturing Procurement

Manufacturing PMI hits four-month high in June: IHS

News July 2, 2020  
Public SectorManufacturing Procurement

Health experts slam U.S. deal for large supply of virus drug

News July 2, 2020  
Operations Procurement Supply Chain

Canada almost self-sufficient in PPE as Canadian businesses step up: PM

News June 26, 2020  
Public SectorManufacturing Procurement

Q&A: Navdeep Bains, minister of Innovation, Science and Industry [WATCH]

Feature June 25, 2020   Canadian Manufacturing
TransportationManufacturing Procurement

Seaspan awarded a $2.4B contract for RCN joint support ships

News June 16, 2020  
Public SectorProcurement

Military spending needed more now than ever: top defence official

News June 11, 2020  
TransportationManufacturing Procurement

B.C., Ontario shipyards team up to win multibillion dollar icebreaker contract

News June 9, 2020  

Feds sign $105M deal with Bombardier for two new Challenger jets

News June 8, 2020  
Public SectorProcurement

Feds to update efforts to procure COVID-19 related PPE

News May 26, 2020  
Automotive Public SectorProcurement Regulation

Ontario scraps licence plate redesign, will revert to old design

News May 7, 2020  
AerospaceManufacturing Procurement

Canada invests another US$70M in F-35 development despite no commitment to buy

News May 6, 2020  
Cleantech Energy Mining & ResourcesProcurement Risk & Compliance

FortisBC purchasing renewable natural gas made from wood waste

News May 4, 2020   Cleantech Canada
Public SectorProcurement

Bell acquires 1.5M masks to support healthcare workers throughout Canada

News April 17, 2020   Canadian Manufacturing
Public SectorProcurement

Health Canada warns against fraudulent, unauthorized N95 masks

News April 15, 2020   Canadian Manufacturing
Automotive TransportationManufacturing Operations Procurement

NFI will extend idling of production facilities

News April 6, 2020   Canadian Manufacturing
Public SectorManufacturing Procurement

Ontario creates $50M fund for businesses to retool to make medical equipment

News April 3, 2020   Canadian Manufacturing
Public SectorManufacturing Procurement

More masks, ventilators on the way as industrial response to COVID-19 ramps up

News April 1, 2020   Canadian Manufacturing
ElectronicsProcurement Technology / IIoT

McMaster Innovation Park rolling out digital procurement

News April 1, 2020   Canadian Manufacturing