Canadian Manufacturing

Canadian Manufacturing

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Total airport management to enhance airport operations across the value chain: report

News February 23, 2021  
Infrastructure Public SectorManufacturing Operations Regulation

Canada Post worksite hit by major virus outbreak excluded from provincial inspections

News February 22, 2021  
AerospaceEnvironment Operations

Feds launch new aircraft to improve conservation and protection of oceans

News February 22, 2021   Cleantech Canada
Heavy MachineryManufacturing Operations Regulation

Health Canada recalls new Toro snowblower over amputation hazard

News February 19, 2021  
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Custom Diamond International receives $350,000 from CED

News February 19, 2021  
Automotive Cleantech Energy TransportationEnvironment Manufacturing Operations Sustainability

Ford Motor Company joins IRMA to commit to EV market with $22B investment

News February 19, 2021   Cleantech Canada
Automotive Energy TransportationEnvironment Manufacturing Operations

Honda taps tech expert as chief to steer in ecological times

News February 19, 2021   Cleantech Canada
AerospaceManufacturing Operations

$1.8B satellite project in Quebec expected to create 600 jobs

News February 19, 2021  
Public SectorManufacturing Operations

COVID-19 misery shows in record Ontario job losses; labour groups plead for fed help

News February 18, 2021  
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Airbus lost $1.3 billion amid pandemic; expects better 2021

News February 18, 2021