Canadian Manufacturing

Canadian Manufacturing

Financing Small Business

Canada’s small businesses now collectively owe over $135B as a result of the pandemic

News February 25, 2021  
Oil & GasEnvironment Financing

Trans Mountain pipeline owner asks regulator to hide identity of its insurers

News February 25, 2021   Cleantech Canada
EnergyFinancing Manufacturing

Canadian Plastics: Editorial: Hedging is a tool for price risk reduction, not cost reduction

Feature February 24, 2021   Canadian Plastics
Food & Beverage Infrastructure Public SectorEnvironment Financing Manufacturing Operations Sustainability Technology / IIoT

Innovate BC awards $900K to three BC research projects

News February 24, 2021   Cleantech Canada
Oil & GasFinancing

Higher oil prices boosting Alberta’s bottom line as budget looms Thursday: Kenney

News February 24, 2021  
AutomotiveEnvironment Financing Operations Sustainability

Zeem Solutions orders 30 GreenPower EV Stars for Los Angeles area operations

News February 24, 2021   Cleantech Canada
Oil & GasEnvironment Exporting & Importing Financing

Keystone XL ‘clarity’ boosts Gibson Energy diluent recovery project, says CEO

News February 24, 2021  
Public SectorFinancing Manufacturing Procurement Regulation Supply Chain

U.S. summit focuses on mutual interests, avoids Canadian wish list

News February 23, 2021  
Energy Oil & GasFinancing Risk & Compliance

Canadian firm Just Energy warns of huge losses due to extreme Texas winter weather

News February 23, 2021  
CleantechEnvironment Financing Research & Development

Bitcoin isn’t getting greener: four environmental myths about cryptocurrency debunked

Feature February 23, 2021   Cleantech Canada
Automotive Infrastructure TransportationFinancing Manufacturing

Goodyear acquires Cooper in all American tire deal

News February 22, 2021  
Energy Infrastructure Mining & Resources Oil & GasFinancing Manufacturing Procurement

Xebec completes acquisition of Inmatec

News February 22, 2021  
InfrastructureEnvironment Financing

Canada and New Brunswick invest in Moncton’s drinking water system

News February 22, 2021   Cleantech Canada
Financing Manufacturing

CanWaCH and UNICEF Canada welcome Canada’s $75M investment in the ACT Accelerator

News February 22, 2021  
Food & Beverage Heavy Machinery InfrastructureFinancing Manufacturing Operations

Custom Diamond International receives $350,000 from CED

News February 19, 2021  
Aerospace TransportationFinancing Manufacturing Operations

Airbus lost $1.3 billion amid pandemic; expects better 2021

News February 18, 2021  
Energy Oil & GasFinancing Human Resources Operations

TC Energy expects ‘substantive’ charge related to Keystone XL permit revocation

News February 18, 2021  
Cleantech Energy Mining & Resources Public SectorEnvironment Financing Manufacturing Operations Sustainability

Benchmark lumber prices jump to a record US$1,000 despite slowdown in sales volumes

News February 17, 2021  
Cleantech Food & Beverage InfrastructureEnvironment Financing Manufacturing Research & Development Supply Chain Sustainability Technology / IIoT

Aspire Food Group announces NGen funding for protein production facility

Feature February 17, 2021   Cleantech Canada
Automotive Cleantech Energy TransportationEnvironment Financing Manufacturing Sustainability Technology / IIoT

Li-Cycle enters into combination agreement with Peridot Acquisition Corp.

News February 16, 2021   Cleantech Canada
Financing Manufacturing

Dorel Industries commits to remaining public as they terminate plans to go private

News February 16, 2021  
Aerospace Public Sector TransportationFinancing Manufacturing Operations

Air Canada posts a large loss in Q4 2020 financial results as Transat deal comes through

News February 12, 2021  
Aerospace Infrastructure TransportationFinancing Manufacturing

CAE Inc. seeing improvement despite Q3 profits being cut in half from year ago

News February 12, 2021  

Ontario set for years of post pandemic deficits without new policy: FAO

News February 12, 2021  

Ottawa approves Air Canada’s $190 million Transat purchase

News February 12, 2021  
Public SectorFinancing Manufacturing Research & Development Risk & Compliance

The $4 trillion economic cost of not vaccinating the entire world

Feature February 12, 2021  
TransportationEnvironment Financing

Feds invest $14.9B to expand and advance public transit

News February 12, 2021   Cleantech Canada
Financing Manufacturing

UK economy suffers biggest drop since 1709

News February 12, 2021  
CleantechFinancing Small Business

Feds invest $55M in Canadian clean technology innovations

News February 11, 2021   Cleantech Canada
Financing Manufacturing

EU hopeful for firm economic growth despite virus challenges

News February 11, 2021