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We still need a vaccine patent waiver, but not the one on offer at the World Trade Organization meeting

Feature June 6, 2022  
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Canadian vaccine manufacturer hoping its COVID-19 shot will win over the FDA and vaccine holdouts

News June 2, 2022  
Public Sector Manufacturing Research & Development

Nasal COVID-19 vaccines help the body prepare for infection right where it starts – in your nose and throat

Feature May 30, 2022  
Human Resources Manufacturing Sustainability

Toshifumi Tada new president and CEO at Medicago

News April 29, 2022  
Infrastructure Public Sector Financing Manufacturing Operations

Moderna announces plans to build manufacturing plant in Montreal

News April 29, 2022  
Public Sector Manufacturing Research & Development

Some cancers are preventable with a vaccine – a virologist explains

Feature February 4, 2022  
Public Sector Manufacturing Research & Development

COVID-19 vaccine inequity allowed Omicron to emerge

Feature December 15, 2021  
Infrastructure Manufacturing

Medicago announces its COVID-19 vaccine is showing results

News December 7, 2021  
Infrastructure Manufacturing Operations

Pfizer and BioNTech receive Health Canada approval for COVID-19 COMIRNATY in children ages 5-12

News November 19, 2021  
Infrastructure Public Sector Financing Manufacturing Operations Supply Chain

Biden administration offering investment to boost production of COVID-19 vaccines

News November 17, 2021  
Infrastructure Manufacturing

BioNTech to work with Senegal, Rwanda to make mRNA vaccines

News October 27, 2021  
Infrastructure Financing Manufacturing Operations Research & Development Supply Chain

Northern RNA and Providence Therapeutics announce agreement for GMP manufacturing

News September 14, 2021  
Infrastructure Manufacturing Operations Procurement

Trudeau says no ‘silver bullet’ to vaccinate world amid debate on patent rules

News June 15, 2021  
Infrastructure Manufacturing Operations Regulation Research & Development

COVID-19 may never go away, but practical herd immunity is within reach

Feature June 14, 2021  
Infrastructure Public Sector Manufacturing Operations

J&J vaccine doses to be released, but many will be tossed

News June 11, 2021  
Manufacturing Procurement

AstraZeneca vaccine doses ready for use as Canada approves U.S. manufacturing sites

News April 1, 2021