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Human Resources Manufacturing Regulation

November 10, 2022
PBO analysis says government could reap $4.4B from windfall tax in other sectors

Environment Exporting & Importing Manufacturing Regulation Risk & Compliance Sustainability

August 30, 2022
Federal government rejects Nova Scotia’s plan to avoid carbon tax

Exporting & Importing Financing Manufacturing Regulation Risk & Compliance Sales & Marketing

August 12, 2022
A luxury goods tax on the super rich could affect electric vehicle sales: analyst

Financing Manufacturing Regulation Risk & Compliance

May 9, 2022
Gas prices making inflation worse for Canadians, hurting consumer sentiment

Environment Financing Manufacturing Regulation

December 20, 2021
Key U.S. senator votes ‘no’ on Biden’s EV tax credit bill

Manufacturing Operations Regulation Research & Development

November 8, 2021
Public acceptance of sin taxes on sugar or fat not dependent on evidence

Financing Regulation

February 6, 2015
PwC accused of promoting tax avoidance in U.K.


November 26, 2014
Overhauling Canada’s tax system would create fairness: report

Operations Regulation

September 11, 2014
Chiquita opens books to potential acquirers


June 17, 2014
Canada world’s most competitive business tax environment: KPMG


December 23, 2013
Tax differences could make or break your cross-border expansion

Financing Operations

April 30, 2013
Taxpayers, businesses paid as much as $25 billion in 2011 to meet tax code: report


April 2, 2013
Grant Thornton acquires Georgetown, Ont. tax firm


September 10, 2012
Mining sector payed $9 billion to federal, provincial governments in 2011

Small Business

April 3, 2012
Nova Scotia to cut small biz tax a third time

Small Business

March 20, 2012
Small businesses lack confidence in politicians: CFIB


March 31, 2011
Corporate tax cuts may not be as sweet as initially thought

Operations Procurement Supply Chain

March 22, 2011
Budget announcement laced with drama

Regulation Small Business Supply Chain

January 27, 2011
Finding opportunity in an increasingly complex business environment