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Canadian Manufacturing
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Transportation Financing Manufacturing

Manufacturing sales down 0.2% in January: report

News March 17, 2020   Canadian Manufacturing
Alcohol & Cannabis Regulation

Why is cannabis so expensive in some provinces? Don’t ask Statistics Canada

Feature March 6, 2020   Canadian Manufacturing
Exporting & Importing

Canada posts first trade surplus in years, but export weakness lingers

News December 5, 2013   Canadian Manufacturing

The highest earners are paying less tax: National Household Survey

News September 11, 2013   Canadian Manufacturing
Exporting & Importing

Exports up as Canada’s economy grew 1.7% in Q2

News August 30, 2013   Canadian Manufacturing

Alberta floods cost 5.1M hours of work

News August 27, 2013   Canadian Manufacturing

Unemployment rises as public sector sheds jobs

News August 9, 2013   Canadian Manufacturing

Quick hit: Unemployment rates in major cities

News July 5, 2013   Canadian Manufacturing

Flawed Statistics Canada report masks steady jobs drain

News June 11, 2013   Canadian Manufacturing

Employment insurance recipients continue downward trend

News May 23, 2013   Canadian Manufacturing

Trade deficit soared to $2 billion in November

News January 11, 2013   Canadian Manufacturing

Manufacturing sales slipped 1.4 per cent in October: StatsCan

News December 14, 2012  
Food & Beverage Exporting & Importing Operations

Exports up, imports down, trade deficit reduced in October

News December 11, 2012  
Energy Food & Beverage Operations

Canada creates 59,000 jobs in November, unemployment rate falls

News December 7, 2012  
Food & Beverage Operations

Manufacturing sales up 0.4 per cent in September: StatsCan

News November 15, 2012  
Energy Food & Beverage Exporting & Importing Operations

Exports up, imports steady, trade deficit shrank in September: StatsCan

News November 8, 2012  

Job gains stall in October as unemployment rate remains at 7.4%

News November 2, 2012  

Real GDP contracted by 0.1 per cent in August: StatsCan

News October 31, 2012  

Average weekly earnings rise in August; now up 3.6% year over year: StatsCan

News October 25, 2012  

Recessions have become less frequent, but more severe: C.D. Howe

News October 24, 2012  

Job vacancies up in July compared to previous year: StatsCan

News October 17, 2012  

Average payroll earnings rose in July: StatsCan

News September 27, 2012  
Food & Beverage Manufacturing

Wholesale sales off 0.6 per cent in July: StatsCan

News September 21, 2012  
Food & Beverage Operations Procurement

Manufacturing sales down in July, third drop in five months: StatsCan

News September 14, 2012  
Energy Food & Beverage Operations Procurement

Canadian Economy adds 34,300 jobs, but unemployment rate remains at 7.3

News September 7, 2012  

Building permits down 2.3 per cent in July from June: StatsCan

News September 7, 2012