Canadian Manufacturing

Canadian Manufacturing


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Cleantech Research & Development

Volkswagen Group spent $15.5B on enviro R&D in 2013

News March 3, 2014   Canadian Manufacturing
Cleantech Energy Technology / IIoT

GE to pump $10B into energy R&D through 2020

News February 24, 2014   Cleantech Canada
Research & Development

Ontario invests $190M to attract top researchers

News January 20, 2014   Canadian Manufacturing
Cleantech Research & Development Technology / IIoT

Find R&D expertise and facilities with new Canadian research database

News November 28, 2013   Cleantech Canada
Energy Infrastructure Sustainability

$55M automotive, construction biomaterials program launched

News November 4, 2013   Canadian Manufacturing
Research & Development

Canada’s Top 50 research colleges unveiled

News October 23, 2013   Canadian Manufacturing

N.L. government doles out $3.7M for academic-led R&D projects

News September 30, 2013   Canadian Manufacturing
Automotive Operations

$9M Kia-Hyundai joint test facility opened at Germany’s Nürburgring

News September 13, 2013   Canadian Manufacturing
Public Sector Financing Operations Procurement

Nova Scotia firm gets $8.2M Industry Canada loan for sonar R&D

News September 4, 2013   Canadian Manufacturing

CFOs in the U.S. confident in sustained recovery: survey

News August 16, 2013   Canadian Manufacturing

Ericsson plans new Montreal area centre to support R&D for global market

News June 3, 2013   Canadian Manufacturing
Research & Development

GM, Ford to jointly develop fuel-saving transmissions

News April 15, 2013   Canadian Manufacturing
Operations Research & Development

One confirmed dead following blast at Bombardier plant in Quebec

News November 12, 2012  
Operations Research & Development

GM testing lightweight magnesium sheet metal for future auto production

News October 23, 2012  
Research & Development

Cyber theives targeting Canadian firms’ R&D, contract data and more

News September 7, 2012  
Operations Research & Development

STMicroelectronics, FAW Group establish joint laboratory

News August 28, 2012  
Research & Development

China urged to improve patent policies

News August 22, 2012  
Research & Development

Dassault strikes R&D joint venture with Chinese firm

News July 27, 2012  
Automotive Procurement Research & Development

GM Canada’s near-billion dollar R&D investment has appeal, lacks action

News July 25, 2012  
Research & Development Technology / IIoT

Rutter gets $1.4 million for radar rejig

News April 23, 2012  
Exporting & Importing Supply Chain

Common productivity misfires

News January 30, 2012  
Energy Supply Chain

Top Productivity Boosts

News January 30, 2012  
Energy Exporting & Importing

China cuts rare earth export quotas to boost prices

News December 30, 2011  
Aerospace Transportation Research & Development

$12 million aerospace recycling centre opens in Montreal

News November 25, 2011  
Energy Environment Sustainability

Alcoa contributes $3-million to sustainable development project

News October 11, 2011  

Famed Canadian sculptor, design engineer headlines Javelin office launch

News August 30, 2011