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Canadian Manufacturing

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South Korea free trade a done deal; could boost economy by $1.7B

Feature March 11, 2014   Canadian Manufacturing
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Suspect arrested in massive frozen food poisoning case in Japan

News January 27, 2014   Canadian Manufacturing

Thales Canada’s Japan Rail contract preserves Toronto jobs

News January 13, 2014   Canadian Manufacturing

Blast at chemical plant in Japan kills 5 workers, injures at least 17

News January 9, 2014   Canadian Manufacturing
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Swiss chocolate maker Barry Callebaut opens factory in Japan

News November 14, 2013   Canadian Manufacturing

Wrecked Japan nuclear plant struggling to end overflows of contaminated water

News August 6, 2013   Canadian Manufacturing
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Woman hired by Japan utility for nuclear safety says restarts need to go ahead

News July 5, 2013   Canadian Manufacturing
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Japanese automakers press for comprehensive trade agreement

News July 2, 2013   Canadian Manufacturing

Japan gets 1st shipment of reprocessed nuclear fuel since 2011 disaster forced shutdowns

News June 27, 2013   Canadian Manufacturing

Radioactive leak from new tank at crippled Japan nuclear plant renews water storage concerns

News June 6, 2013   Canadian Manufacturing

Stricken Japan nuke plant struggles to keep workers

News May 23, 2013   Canadian Manufacturing

IAEA evaluating clean-up at crippled Japan nuclear plant

News April 15, 2013   Canadian Manufacturing

More radioactive water leaking from Fukushima storage tanks

News April 9, 2013   Canadian Manufacturing

Accident investigators say Japan nuclear safety plans too lax

News April 8, 2013   Canadian Manufacturing
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Japanese regulators to conduct their first probe of nuclear crisis

News March 27, 2013   Canadian Manufacturing

Japan’s Tepco misinformed, blocked probe at crippled nuke plant

News March 13, 2013   Canadian Manufacturing

Japan PM says Japanese nuclear plants need to step up security

News March 12, 2013   Canadian Manufacturing

Toyota, Nissan, Honda see Chinese production plummet amid island spat

News November 29, 2012  
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WTO rules against Ontario’s green energy policies: reports

News November 19, 2012  

Toyota facility tests cars that communicate with each other, roads

News November 12, 2012  

Japan utility admits nuke crisis avoidable

News October 12, 2012  
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Japanese automakers’ sales in China gutted over island spat

News October 5, 2012  
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Toyota trims Lexus production at Japan plant as demand slows in China over territorial dispute

News September 25, 2012  

Japan backs off nuclear power phase-out plan

News September 19, 2012  

Japan expected to announce abandonment of nuclear power

News September 12, 2012  

Japan, Russia hatch $13-billion liquefied natural gas deal

News September 10, 2012  

Utility behind Japan nuke crisis can’t afford renewable energy investments

News September 6, 2012  
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Japan easing restrictions on beef imports

News September 5, 2012  

Japan pledges less reliance on nuclear energy on anniversary of Nagasaki A-bomb attack

News August 9, 2012  

Nobel laureate leads protest calling for Japan to end nuclear power

News July 16, 2012