Canadian Manufacturing

Canadian Manufacturing


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New EU regulations clamp down on commodities speculation

News January 15, 2014   Canadian Manufacturing

Risks to financial system have moderated: BoC

News December 11, 2013   Canadian Manufacturing
Energy Operations

Reducing energy and commodity costs

News November 7, 2013   Canadian Manufacturing
Cleantech Regulation

US agency proposes new rule to restrict futures trading

News November 6, 2013   Canadian Manufacturing

Newly-merged Glencore Xstrata posts $9B loss

News August 20, 2013   Canadian Manufacturing

Slow growth in China putting pressure on Canadian commodities

News June 21, 2013   Canadian Manufacturing

Chinese recovery unlikely to spark global rebound: analysts

News July 13, 2012  

Vote moved on $90-billion Xstrata, Glencore merger

News July 12, 2012  
Mining & Resources Manufacturing

$1.8 billion smelter announced for Sudbury

News May 9, 2012  
Supply Chain

Federation of Quebec Maple Syrup Producers buys new warehouse

News April 2, 2012  

Commodity price index fell 3.3 per cent in August: Scotiabank

News September 30, 2011  
Exporting & Importing

Commodities level off in May

News May 31, 2011  
Mining & Resources Operations Procurement

Caterpillar’s $8.6B acquisition gets go-ahead

News May 24, 2011  

Canadian businesses turn inward

News April 28, 2011  
Energy Oil & Gas Transportation Exporting & Importing

Diversify Canadian oil sands exports

News February 1, 2011  
Transportation Operations Supply Chain

CN predicts commodities surge will drive growth

News January 26, 2011