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Aerospace Manufacturing

Heroux-Devtek to supply torque tubes for Boeing’s Dreamliner

News August 7, 2014   Canadian Manufacturing
Aerospace Manufacturing

Magellan Aerospace to build landing gear for Boeing 737 MAX

News July 30, 2014   Canadian Manufacturing
Aerospace Human Resources

Boeing CEO says employees ‘cowering’ under his leadership

News July 28, 2014   Canadian Manufacturing
Aerospace Regulation

Former Boeing procurement officer pleads guilty for taking bribes

News July 21, 2014   Canadian Manufacturing
Aerospace Manufacturing

Airbus gets more orders than Boeing in unofficial Farnborough air race

News July 18, 2014   Canadian Manufacturing
Aerospace Operations

U.S. states clamouring for work on Boeing’s next-gen 777X airliner

News December 6, 2013   Canadian Manufacturing

Once ‘glamorous’ 747 nearing end of the line

News October 24, 2013   Canadian Manufacturing

Boeing wraps up C-17 production, shutter cargo jet assembly plant

News September 20, 2013   Canadian Manufacturing
Aerospace Manufacturing

Heroux Devtek mulls return to Mexico to supply Boeing landing gear contract

News September 17, 2013   Canadian Manufacturing

Boeing to expand Winnipeg plant to ramp-up production for 737

News April 23, 2013   Canadian Manufacturing
Operations Procurement

Montreal firm sells flight simulators to customers in China, Russia for $50M

News December 18, 2012  
Aerospace Manufacturing

Lightweight aircraft design driving growth for titanium fasteners

News August 15, 2012  
Aerospace Operations

Aircraft market could hit $4 trillion over next 20 years

News June 16, 2011  
Aerospace Operations Procurement

Boeing to cut 900 jobs

News January 20, 2011  

Boeing to offer flights to space

News September 15, 2010