Canadian Manufacturing

Canadian Manufacturing

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B.C. rail corridor upgrades boost Asia-Pacific supply chain

News September 4, 2014   Canadian Manufacturing

Ford plans to launch 23 new vehicles, hire 11,000 workers in 2014

News December 13, 2013   Canadian Manufacturing

Serinus Energy facing $11.8M in costs after suspending Brusei well

News December 9, 2013   Canadian Manufacturing

Private sector corruption on the rise

News September 20, 2012  

Hyundai, Cummins joint venture to make industrial equipment engines

News September 11, 2012  
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The more the merrier: Another natural gas pipeline planned in B.C.

News September 11, 2012  
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How to secure Canada’s place in Asia: a road map

News September 6, 2012  
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Higher oil prices pinch Asian consumers

News March 14, 2012  
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GM opens engine plant in Uzbekistan

News November 15, 2011  

UPDATED: Vancouver firm wins $2.1 million pipe contracts amid Chinese supplier issues

News October 19, 2011  
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Talking about Asia

News April 29, 2011  

Carbon-cutting technologies to get investments in the trillions

News February 16, 2011  
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Canadian family businesses groomed for growth

News February 4, 2011  
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More mergers and acquisitions in Canada

News January 21, 2011  
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Canada saw more mergers and acquisitions in 2010

News January 18, 2011  

German autoworkers forego holidays to meet demand

News December 25, 2010  

How to make Canada a global economic player

News November 25, 2010  
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Canada can’t ignore ASEAN region

News August 25, 2010