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Sorry I’ve Got Plants releases manifesto calling for change in its community

The declaration outlines micro-adjustments to be taken towards making a sustainable impact

August 27, 2020  by CM Staff

PHOTO: Sorry I’ve Got Plants

TORONTO — Sorry I’ve Got Plants, a Toronto-based vegan brick-and-mortar and online store is releasing a manifesto, calling for fundamental changes in the way its community consumes.

The declaration outlines micro-adjustments to be taken towards making a sustainable impact, criticizing dogmatic veganism, and advocating for supporting local.

According to Dalhousie University’s Agri-Food Analytics lab data, over 6.4 million Canadians were limiting their meat intake in 2018, with numbers spiking over COVID-19’s four-month peak.

“Sorry I’ve Got Plants is not about policing dietary preferences. We’re simply making it uncomplicated to fit a few plants into various lifestyles. Five people eating 20% more plants yields the same impact as one person being 100 per cent vegan,” said Conor Harold, founder, Sorry I’ve Got Plants, in a prepared statement. “It’s more sustainable to encourage small actions by many than large commitments by few. We’re not the answer but we’re part of the solution.”


The company is offering an unmatched variety of meal kits – providing four new selections every week – ready-to-eat food and household goods from local retailers and restaurants, fresh produce kits, alcohol, proprietary dips and sauces, and a list of grocery items.

“Providing Torontonians with cost-effective, plant-based food and goods that’s low waste, locally sourced and delicious is not revolutionary, yet no one else is doing it,” said Harold. “From our initial blog in 2018 to the company we’ve grown into today, our goal has always been to make it convenient for people around us to make positive choices.”

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