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Canada Post resumes some pre-COVID-19 delivery practices

For businesses with a common entrance, agents will leave a delivery notice card.

September 3, 2021  by CM Staff

Canada Post is now resuming delivery practices for Proof of Age (POA), signature items, and customs-owing items.

For these in-person deliveries to homes with their own outdoor entrances, Canada Post agents will wear a face covering and maintain a six-foot (two-metre) distance from customers, the company said in news release.

For deliveries to apartments, condos and businesses with a common entrance, or for Proof of Identity (POI), registered mail and Xpresspost-certified items, agents will leave a delivery notice card (DNC) with the address of a local post office and information about how to pick up the package.

“To keep our employees and customers safe, we continue to ask all Canadians to practise physical distancing while our employees are out delivering in the community,” Canada Post said. “[We] will continue to monitor the COVID-19 situation and follow the expert advice of the Public Health Agency of Canada and local public health authorities for any further changes.


For more information, visit the COVID-19 FAQ page.