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Environment Research & Development

Why people are risking arrest to join old-growth logging protests on Vancouver Island

Feature May 31, 2021   In-Depth

Mark your calendars for Demo Days!

Feature May 31, 2021  
Human Resources Regulation

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to attend G7 Leaders’ Summit in person: British PM

News May 31, 2021  
Public SectorHuman Resources

Trudeau asks for lowered flags to honour dead residential schoolchildren

News May 31, 2021  
Human Resources

Criticized Williams out as Ontario top medical health officer; Kieran Moore gets job

News May 31, 2021  

FAA questions lead to new halt in deliveries of Boeing plane

News May 31, 2021  
Exporting & Importing Manufacturing

China’s manufacturing holds steady, rebound levelling off

News May 31, 2021  
ElectronicsManufacturing Technology / IIoT

New industry portal: online safety guide for electrical products

News May 31, 2021  

Millwright Regional Council of Ontario supporting Small Modular Reactors training development

News May 31, 2021   News
Environment Sustainability

Technology-powered circular economy to propel waste management in the Gulf Cooperation Council

News May 31, 2021   News
Cleantech Energy Oil & Gas TransportationEnvironment Financing Manufacturing Supply Chain Sustainability

Westport Fuel Systems to acquire Stako, an LPG fuel storage manufacturer

News May 28, 2021   News
Aerospace TransportationManufacturing Operations Sales & Marketing Technology / IIoT

Ravn Alaska begins operation of aero hygenx’s RAY robot on aircraft

News May 28, 2021  
Human Resources Manufacturing News Operations Women in Manufacturing

Supremex announces new Chief Financial Officer

News May 28, 2021  
Infrastructure Public SectorFinancing Manufacturing Operations Regulation

US R&D bill to counter China runs into GOP opposition

News May 28, 2021  
Infrastructure Public SectorFinancing Manufacturing Regulation Research & Development

Finance Department says preliminary deficit of $314 billion for last fiscal year

News May 28, 2021  
Alcohol & Cannabis InfrastructureFinancing Manufacturing Sales & Marketing Supply Chain

Hexo to purchase Redecan for $925M, increasing cannabis market share

News May 28, 2021  
Automotive Heavy Machinery InfrastructureManufacturing Operations Research & Development Technology / IIoT

Sciemetric’s Studio 2.0 aiming to help manufacturers adopt Industry 4.0 trends

Feature May 28, 2021  
Public SectorHuman Resources Regulation

Ford asks experts to advise on safety of school reopening

News May 28, 2021  
Manufacturing Research & Development

Senate eyes R&D bill to counter China, bolster manufacturing

News May 28, 2021  
AutomotiveEnvironment Manufacturing

Going electric and banning new petrol-powered cars could be Australia’s next big light bulb moment

Feature May 28, 2021  
EnergyEnvironment Sustainability

The idea of ‘green growth’ is flawed. We must find ways of using and wasting less energy

Feature May 28, 2021   In-Depth
Public SectorHuman Resources Regulation Research & Development

How to increase COVID-19 vaccine uptake and decrease vaccine hesitancy in young people

Feature May 28, 2021  
TransportationEnvironment Manufacturing

Ballard announces order for fuel cell modules to power 13 Solaris buses in Frankfurt

News May 28, 2021   News
Manufacturing Technology / IIoT

Vention and OnRobot partner up to bring cobot applications to manufacturers globally

News May 28, 2021  
Automotive InfrastructureEnvironment

Facilitating electric vehicle charging in urban centers with 4K new stations

News May 28, 2021   News
Cleantech Energy Public SectorEnvironment Regulation Sustainability

NDP to team up with Liberals, promising to get its net zero climate bill into the Senate

News May 27, 2021   News
Cleantech Energy Infrastructure Public SectorEnvironment Financing Manufacturing Operations Research & Development Sustainability Technology / IIoT

Canadian government announces investments of $44.3M for 11 Canadian cleantech companies

News May 27, 2021   News
Aerospace TransportationFinancing Manufacturing Operations Regulation Supply Chain

Boeing to pay $17 million to settle plane production issues

News May 27, 2021  
Cleantech Energy Oil & GasEnvironment Manufacturing Operations Sustainability

Canadian drilling contractor association changes name to reflect energy transition

News May 27, 2021   News
InfrastructureFinancing Human Resources Manufacturing Technology / IIoT

Worksport growing workforce by expanding its R&D department

News May 27, 2021