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Yamaha ‘onshores’ ATV production to U.S. from overseas plants

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The recreational vehicles manufacturer has also opened a second assembly plant to build 'side-by-side' vehicles

CYPRESS, Calif.—Yamaha Motor Corp., U.S.A., (YMUS) has officially “onshored” production of its its all-terrain vehicles (ATV), transferring the work from overseas facilities to the Yamaha Motor Manufacturing Corp. of America (YMMC) in Newnan, G.A.

The move will add hundreds of jobs to its U.S. facility.

The recreational vehicles manufacturer has also opened a second assembly plant in Newnan to make new “Side-by-Side” (SxS) products, including the new Viking three-person multi-purpose SxS vehicle.

Since the ATV production transfer strategy was first announced in 2010, Yamaha has moved production of all of its top-of-the-line models to YMMC for worldwide distribution.


Already the largest employer in Newnan, YMMC forecasts adding another 300 jobs over the next three to five years. The advanced manufacturing facility covers more than 850,000 square feet and includes the latest technology, equipment and procedures in motorsports manufacturing.

“Yamaha continues to ramp up U.S. production thanks to the ATV production transfer, the introduction of all-new products like the Viking, and improving market conditions,” said Mike Martinez, vice-president of Yamaha’s ATV/SxS group. “The U.S. is the world’s largest ATV and SxS market with more than 70 per cent of global sales. It makes great business sense for Yamaha to manufacture these products right here in the U.S. for worldwide distribution.”

Yamaha employs more than 1,250 people in Newnan, up from 1,100 since the ATV production transfer began in 2011. In total, Yamaha has added approximately 200 jobs in Georgia between its factory in Newnan and Yamaha’s corporate offices in Kennesaw.

The Newnan factory alone spends more than $170 million annually with 137 worldwide suppliers, 125 of which are also based in North America. Yamaha has corporate offices, regional offices, factories and distribution centers in nine states including Georgia, California, Wisconsin, Texas, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Illinois, New Jersey and Washington.


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