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Worst airports in the US

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A recent poll of Canadian travelers has named the worst international airports in the US and identified why they were so unbearable.

TORONTO: Online travel agency, has named the worst airports in the US, as voted by Canadians in a recent poll.

A comment on the state of US airports in general, the voting was close among the three worst. In the end, more than 20% of respondents named Chicago O’Hare (ORD) International Airport as the worst airport in the US.

Other airports receiving a less than glowing report include:

  • Los Angeles International (LAX): 17.5%
  • John F. Kennedy International (JFK): 14.4%
  • Miami International (MIA): 9.5%
  • McCarran International Airport (LAS): in Las Vegas at 6%
  • Orlando International (MCO): at 5.7%
  • Denver International (DEN): at 5.2%
  • Dallas Fort Worth at (DFW): 5.1%
  • San Francisco International Airport (SFO): 3.1%
  • 13.4% of respondents indicated ‘other’

What makes an airport terrible? According to the poll, overcrowding causes the most consternation with 28.7 per cent of the votes, followed by bad service at 17.9 per cent, slow Security at 16 per cent, poor state of repair at 13.9%, a lack of amenities at 5.9 per cent.



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