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Vancouver drone store opens as drone economy to reach $54 billion

by CM Staff   

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Skymount Drones' new Vancouver showroom offers in-store purchases, training, and drop-off repairs for consumer and commercial drones.

A couple out flying the DJI FPV drone, now available at Skymount Drones in Vancouver. Photo Credit: DJI

With the global drone market expected to grow to $54.6 billion by 2025, Calgary-based drone technology supplier Skymount Drones is opening a new showroom in Vancouver on Aug. 28-29.

The showroom is available for in-store purchases, training, and as a drop-off centre for repairs.

In Canada, more than 17 per cent growth by 2027 is expected for the commercial drone market, with drones stimulating industry innovation in many sectors including construction, agricultural, and delivery of goods.

“While drones are having a disruptive effect on many industries, they are also a lot of fun and our new store has all the drones a hobbyist could ask for,” said Skymount Drones CEO Zubin Kothawala.


Founded in 2017, Skymount manufactures drone, counter drone, and electro-optic products and systems. Additionally, the firm provides drone applications services that combine imaging solutions, long range thermal and electro-optics, data collection, artificial intelligence (AI), and cloud computing for wildfire detection and pipeline inspection services.

The technology behind these systems is SCIMON, Kothawala said, which is Skymount’s geospatial AI that integrates electro-optics, with cloud technology. “Skymount Drones delivers high-quality products as well as tailored and cost-effective solutions to clients, with a strong emphasis on first responders, government, and industrial,” he continued. “[Our] drones have a wide range of applications including aerial filming, videography, surveying, asset inspection, and public safety.”


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