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Tero is launching green countertop across Canada as production is ramping up

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Tero is now launching its product all across Canada

Tero device (CNW Group/Tero)

QUÉBEC CITY — After rigorous product qualification and consumer testing, Tero has now everything in place to help Canadian families make a sensible contribution to our environment. Entirely designed and manufactured in Canada, the Tero device transforms food waste into a natural fertilizer for plants, garden and lawns in just a few hours. Its odourless and low-noise grinding and drying technology allows every person and family — whether in an apartment, condo or house — to make a positive impact on our environment, without the inconvenience of composting. The company is now launching its innovative product all across Canada, before tackling the American market next fall.

“Over a two-year span and with the input of many testers, Tero has gone from a simple idea for a clean and efficient alternative to composting to an established company about to deliver its first high-quality devices across Canada. With Tero, we offer citizens the possibility to do something important for the environment by quickly and efficiently transforming their kitchen waste into natural fertilizer,” says Elizabeth Coulombe, President and Co-founder of Tero.

“At a time when everyone wants to do their part for the environment, we are proud to offer a solution that makes composting enjoyable and accessible to all citizens. With Tero, there are no bad smells, no municipal collection management and a significant reduction in waste volume,” explains Valérie Laliberté, Co–founder and Product Manager in a statement.

In three to eight hours, Tero recycles up to 95% of food waste, including leftovers like vegetable peels, fruit cores, dairy and animal-based products, into a natural and nutrient-rich fertilizer. Available in white or black, as well as in a new version you can control from your phone, the Tero device has a large 4L bucket, enough to reduce the volume of an entire family’s kitchen waste by 90%.



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