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Supermax Healthcare releases statement in light of allegations against Malaysian supplier

by CM Staff   

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The company is eagerly awaiting the results of these independent audits, which are intended to clarify the situation for everyone.

LONGUEUIL — In light of recent media revelations about its Malaysian supplier and partner, Supermax Healthcare Canada says it ‘unequivocally condemns the alleged practices and reaffirms its commitment to ensuring the respect of workers’ rights throughout its supply chain.’ The company found the allegations reportedly unacceptable and, as soon as they obtain all of the information, they plan to consider all options available to rectify the situation, including sourcing from an alternative supplier, regardless of Supermax Corp.’s financial stake in the Canadian company.

Supermax Healthcare Canada reports that it regularly requests information from its Malaysian supplier and partner, Supermax Corp. which is responsible for the management of the disposable glove factories. In recent years, none of the audit reports shared with the Canadian company have indicated bad treatment of workers. The most recent report dates from December 2019 and was forwarded, along with all of the requested documentation, to the Canadian government in the wake of disturbing allegations against other glove manufacturers in Malaysia. The Government of Canada was satisfied with the documents shared.

Last October, a U.S. Customs and Border Protection ruling against Supermax Corp. and some of its subsidiaries led Supermax Healthcare Canada to seek further clarification from its Malaysian supplier and partner. The Malaysian partner confirmed that two labor audits are currently being conducted by independent firms and that two additional U.S. auditors will also conduct analysis and monitoring through April 2022. In addition, Supermax Corp. said it is in discussions with various diplomatic bodies in Malaysia, including the Nepalese and Bangladeshi embassies, to help migrant workers assert their rights.

If the recent reported allegations are substantiated by the findings of these audits, Supermax Healthcare Canada will explore all possible options to address the situation and take swift action to ensure that workers’ rights are respected in its supply chain. The company is eagerly awaiting the results of these independent audits, which are intended to clarify the situation for everyone.



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