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Sanctuary AI’s humanoid general-purpose robot is designed for work

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Sanctuary AI announces details about its 6th-generation technology.

Photo: Sanctuary AI.

VANCOUVER — Sanctuary AI  announced its sixth-generation general-purpose robot named Phoenix™.

Phoenix is the world’s first humanoid general-purpose robot powered by Carbon™, designed to give Phoenix human-like intelligence and enable it to do a wide range of work to help address the labour challenges affecting many organizations today. Sanctuary has been able to show that its technology is already capable of completing hundreds of tasks identified by customers from more than a dozen different industries.

“We designed Phoenix to be the most sensor-rich and physically capable humanoid ever built and to enable Carbon’s rapidly growing intelligence to perform the broadest set of work tasks possible,” said Geordie Rose, co-founder and CEO, Sanctuary AI. “We see a future where general-purpose robots are as ubiquitous as cars, helping people to do work that needs doing, in cases where there simply aren’t enough people to do that work.”



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